This post sheds some light on how and why to remain positive during pregnancy despite all discomfort and on the need to spread positive vibes. Surely not every pregnancy is certain or risk free but there is alternative to being positive. Staying positive about the pregnancy, embracing the change in emotions, physical shape and even asking questions to others not only help to share the emotions with others but also helps someone else who may be in need of the same information and inspiration.
Word of caution here is that such sharing or seeking of information should not replace the need to require specialist advice from doctors or midwives. But make sure that you are not only relying on your own mother, your mother-in-law or your friends who recently became moms for their pearls of wisdom when it comes to pregnancy. We often fail to take note of the fact that in the end of the day, every pregnancy is unique and very personal to the expectant woman. Surrounded by scores of free advisors in the family and friends, an expectant woman is actually the only person undertaking this journey of pregnancy physically. Its unlikely that all other women in her family and friends circle are being pregnant at the same time. In such circumstances, it always helps to share the highlights of the daily roller-coaster ride of the nine-month long experience.
I think pregnancy and child birth are perhaps one of the most natural things in human lives which should not require much artificial intervention. Nine months of this journey hopefully ends with the sweet fruit of labour literally – with a healthy child in the arms. Pregnancy is not a burden, as long as you had decided together with your partner before embarking on it. In that case, it really should not impact your current lifestyle.
Positive Pregnancy
Disappearing from social media, eating mindlessly and shying away from appropriate exercise – are all indicators of a legacy of secrecy and misinformation around pregnancy mostly fuelled by the sage know-alls in the families. Especially prevalent in some cultures, there are some women and some families who really conceal this natural human experience of pregnancy behind layers of veils of superstition, taboos and secrecy. Sharing some cultural similarities myself, I have seen my friends take an abrupt hiatus from Social Media and resurface with the images of their newborn and I wonder the reasons for the time lapse in between as if children fall from skies only.
Ofcourse not all pregnancies are smooth and getting pregnant in the first place or carrying it forward are also distressing experience for many. Recently a visit to my local hair salon made me learn from my stylist that how unhappy and distressed she had been all throughout her pregnancy that she still felt bitter about the whole experience even after 10 years of her first pregnancy. Easier said than done perhaps but hoping for the best and being prepared for any eventuality is the key positive mindset to carry during a pregnancy, other than ofcourse carrying the baby inside the womb. If the mother is healthy mentally and physically, it is expected to lead to a healthy and happy baby.
Ever wondered why there is no such continuous celebration around pregnancy as there are on weddings and birthdays? Its interesting that we celebrate weddings, then we keep sex as a secret and then pregnancy as another secret and then keep celebrating birth every year – as if it was a secret jump between marriage and straight to a baby being born, nothing happened in between worth mentioning!
I have received comments from many women – married, single, pregnant and not – that how informative and enthralling they found my pregnancy positivity. Even I have received comments from men that they also got to learn a thing or two on this powerful expression of a woman’s body – pregnancy. No wonder Aryan is a loved child because a lot of positive vibes are coming his way from scores of friends and followers who rhyme with me in positivity.
Its understandable that many times the expectant woman may be wishing to share her experience with well-wishers, friends and other women passing through the same experience but its often not possible to do so due to restrictions from partners, family members, in-laws or simply the social context.
Stay positive on pregnancy, it’s a wonderful transformation of the mind and the body and it’s a great period of learning for yourself and for others too and that includes men in our lives. No aspect of our lives is risk free, it doesn’t mean that we stop living or celebrating every moment of hope, growth and anticipation. Realise how powerful your body is, which bears and gives birth to a human life. Its only a matter of acknowledging that your mind is equally powerful and staying positive around pregnancy will only make you feel like a super-woman.

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