On the 11th year of our marriage, our son Aryan was born on the 11th of March, just 2 days before our 11th anniversary of marriage. We had been waiting in anticipation all throughout the pregnancy to welcome him wholeheartedly between us and the biggest day of our lives finally arrived. Overwhelmed with emotions never felt before, with the rushing of thousands emotions like a fast stream and pockets of zen-like focus and calm – we witnessed the birth of our boy and we welcomed him to this world with tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces.

Welcoming Aryan, our son

The warmth of the love and welcome was extended to him as he was put to lie on my bare chest for skin-to-skin. That embrace, that touch, that sensation, that heart to heart – a total reorientation to the whole definition of welcoming someone so dear into this world, straight into open arms. Our first couple of days spent at the hospital where we had to go through required medical recovery procedures. It was also the right time to acknowledge the new life we were holding in our hands, to bond and become fond of the magic our bodies and mind could create.

The return journey from the hospital in Paddington to our home in north-west London was like no other. The passing traffic, the known roads and landmarks, the familiar weather and the very beloved London city – all seemed new especially with a newborn in the car-seat accompanying us while we returned home. It was that time of our lives when we left home two of us hand in hand, but returned home as three, with each of our hands holding on to the extension of our love – our son.

Welcoming Aryan, our son

We made sure that before we embarked on our journey to the hospital, our baby’s nursery was well prepared in anticipating of his home-coming. The white cot-bed in the nursery had welcome festoons to receive the new resident. White, silver, gold and confetti balloons were put together to form a cloud of glitz and glam right above the cot. Moreover, a nice little welcome cake was also there for Aryan to celebrate his entrance to the humble abode his parents had prepared for him.

Aryan you are welcome to our home, to our lives and to our hearts. With your birth and your entrance to our home, we welcomed the biggest change of our lives. We welcomed happiness, excitement and the transition to parenthood. We wish this welcome for you today will make way for many more countless occasions of happiness to come showering our way.

Aryan’s Cot Bed from ObabyUK

Aryan’s Cot bed bumpers, blanket, cloud decorative pillow and laundry basket from Beddy Bunny


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