The world is a laboratory for a newborn to understand life. As Aryan, our son entered into 7th week, we noticed that he started  watching things and there are some moments of quiet where he is taking it all in. We are talking to him and describe things even though he cannot yet understand the words spoken to him. Hence, we considered a baby carrier for him and the proper way to carry him so that he stays more close to my body and his head being just a kiss away, he can listen to my voice easily. Moreover I love the simplicity of baby carrier vs a bulky stroller as its humanly impossible for me to carry a baby in a 17 kg stroller and walk the stairs (yes sadly most London Underground stations do not have lifts) up and down during daily commute in London tube. Also wearing Aryan keeps me hands-free, so I can carry on doing household chores like folding clothes, answer the door bells etc. and even enjoying my cup of tea which was getting cold every single time we made since Aryan came to my world.

Babywearing: Tips On Wearing Your Baby Safely and In Style

What are the benefits of babywearing? Which baby carrier is right for you? Where can you buy one thats not only functional but also bring out the fashionista in you? There are so many options and you may want to try a few with your baby to see which one he/she likes. The main question always is: Do I carry my newborn baby in or out? The answer is: always carry your baby facing in. Here are 7 reasons to not carry your baby facing out:

1. Babies like to nap. When a baby falls asleep on the parent while being carried on your chest, it will have the beneficial opportunity of sleeping with its head gently turned to one side or the other. This will also allow for cuddle time. Leaning against the parent also stimulates a huge amount of neurological integration and development for the baby.

2. You might notice that when you pick up your baby, he will instinctively draw the legs into a squat/straddle position. The best position for your baby’s legs in a carrier are when the knees are up above the developing hips and your baby is in a squatting posture. If you put your little one in an outward-facing-carrier, his legs dangle down. This is not only unsupportive of normal hip development, it may have negative effects.

3. Your back will hurt when you have your baby face out. You will notice that you need to shift your hips in order to balance your little one with dangling legs out. The reason is that you put strain on your spine. In order to stay aligned make sure to turn your baby facing inward.

4. If your baby faces outward you constantly need to hold your baby’s legs up or the feet. Your baby will grasp your fingers because it’s off-balance in this position and they have nothing to hold on to. At the same time your little one will lean it’s pelvis back (while you shift your hips forward) for balance. This is unhealthy for hip development and adds stress to the spine and nervous system.

5. Your baby wants to bond with you. If your little one faces outward there is no familiar face or “filter”. Your baby won’t feel very safe because he can’t see you. Facing outward deprives babies of their natural, innate need for security and communication.

6. When your baby is facing inward it is easy for your baby to have a quick snack on your breast while you are out and about carrying. This is impossible for an outward-facing carrier.

7. Baby’s spinal curves will get too much pressure when facing outward. A newborn only has one curve in the spine, the second one will develop over the next few years. Right now it’s a “c” curve and during the next few months baby will first develop the curve in the head/neck area when starting to lift its head while lying down or starting to crawl. Next the lower back curve develops when your little one becomes stronger and crawls longer. If you carry your baby outward, the natural “c” curve is forced into a reversed position before it has gone through the normal development.

What baby carrier is right for me?

If you’re not sure which carrier will work best for you, your baby, and your lifestyle, consider joining a baby wearing group to try on a bunch. After an extensive research, I found Babytula and I’m in love with this carrier. They are versatile, easy-to-use and perfect for someone like me who loves to go out, just wear your baby and carry a diaper cum handbag backpack and you are ready to explore the world without depending on car, pushchair or a helping hand. Babytula have a wide range of carriers to choose from. I got their Tula Explore Baby Carrier which will allow me to use it in an ergonomic outward facing position when Aryan will be a little older. This is their best baby carrier option that offers all the features you and baby need: variable width settings for use with newborns to toddlers, adjustable head support, and multiple carry positions including world-facing and back carry. If you know me well, you know that a product’s good quality alone doesn’t satisfy me, it has to look stylish as well. I love the fact that Babytula comes in various different prints and patterns. I picked up the one with star prints so that I get to carry my Star (Aryan) in star print carrier.

There are plenty of cheaper options available in the market, its totally upto you how much you are willing to spend on a baby carrier, some people even buy second hand or get it from a friend or another family member who have had kids before you but I would suggest you check each one of them from this list below before you look at the price tag:

  • Is the carrier comfortable for you and baby?
  • Does it support babies natural spine and hip development?
  • Are you able to get baby into the carrier on your own?
  • Can baby nurse in it?
  • How long will baby fit in it?
  • Can it be used from birth?
  • Does it help increase skin-to-skin contact?

A word of caution: If you do buy a used carrier, it’s a good idea to buy from someone you know or to ask for proof of purchase, as you can’t be sure of the quality and safety of a counterfeit.


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