11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

May be its still too early for our precious little man to appreciate whether it was better inside mummy’s tummy or outside now in this wonderful world, it was a momentous occasion for us three when we went back recently to the same place in Regent’s Park in London where we did a pregnancy photo shoot earlier this year just two weeks before he was born. On that magical afternoon, we walked hand in hand and hands on the bump, in eager anticipation of the arrival of our then unborn first child. We sat on this bench in a cosy quiet corner of the beautiful Regent’s Park, in a wishful state of waiting in anticipation of the big day ahead.


Autumn with Aryan

Autumn with Aryan Autumn with Aryan

Fast forward eight months, here we are once again but now as a pod of three. The bench kept waiting in the same place as it was in February, and the nature was busy flipping pages from spring to autumn. The leaves had turned into a ravishing red and even the ground was ablaze with the autumnal flare of colours. We felt privileged to be back in the arms of autumn with Aryan in our arms this time. We made him descend to feel the autumn leaves beneath his tiny little pair of feet. Not a smooth walker yet as an about to be eight month old, we rather joyfully held his hands to help him rehearse to put his best foot forward.

The curious and intrigued look in his eyes towards the colourful foliage or the fountains, made us take a fresh look too at the wonderful little details all around us. Perhaps taken for granted so often, or comfortably overlooked in the busy wanderings of life – this time we could really reflect on where we were at the same place last year and how blessed we are to be arriving at the regal Regent’s Park this year with our big boy joy in our arms.


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