Colour Our Denim World!

 My fashionistas, ”Jeans is just not so feminine and a tad uncomfortable”- Hold on…that’s just ME! I do wear jeans too, not very often until the  trend of coloured jeans simply changed my outlook. They are light, vibrant and simply stylish. You can wear them anywhere- from work to uni, from coffee to cocktail. Just accesorize them right keeping the occassion and the place in mind and you are ready to colour the world of fashion. Celebs are flaunting it all over the places. So if  you are still not sure whether to colour your bottom;) (pun intended) NOW is the time!!! So, the coloured jeans have started to colour our denim world since last summer but they are here to stay in 2012, in all seasons. Mark my word!

Color Our Denim World Color Our Denim World Color Our Denim World

 I have worn the red one in the summer holiday last year in Prague , I have worn the green one in the Autumn last year in England. I have worn the cobalt blue  one in the spring-summer this year. I’m eyeing on the coral now;) They are available in every designer and high street stores from Tommy Hilfiger to Newlook. My red jeans is from ZARA , my Green jeans from NewLook  and the cobalt blue one is from H&M.

Don’t wait, get yours(if not yet)!!!

Color Our Denim World JBrand-color-denim-lead

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