Paris La Belle :)

My fashionistas, It’s been almost 2 weeks I haven’t posted a blog, reason being I have been taken ill, I’m asked to rest for a while, hence, no going out and no dressing up. Out of boredom, I was browsing some photos from my previous holidays in different destinations. These photos taken in the most romantic city on earth-Paris, have struck me as I don’t have this cute little yellow frilled summer dress in my collection any longer as i put my wardrobe on SALE from time to time and last winter a friend bought it from me. I bought it from a sunday flea market in Wembley, London, where i live since 4 years now. My  cute butterfly hair clips are from Accessorize , I have worn a golden beaded neck piece cross-shoulder wise to add a bit of jinx in this cute-bubbly look, my bag is inspired by Paris Hilton that I bought from an independent store at Oxford Street, London, how I love the gathering of thousands of golden buttons in a cream leather bag, it weighs more than 2 kgs that made it impossible to carry in my International holidays after this one. My slip-on is really cheap and i picked it up from a flea market in Chandni Chowk, Dhaka. By now, you all know how I love to accessorize my look with bits and pieces from here and there, I have worn these bangles from Primark so many times with so many different outfits. They are very cool, made of wood and aluminium steel. My anklets are picked up from a tiny jewellery store near my under grad college in New Delhi, India. It was the month of September- I remember it was my 2010 birthday gift- a trip to Paris, thus, you all know we need to carry a light cardigan or summer jacket just in case it is very windy or starts getting cold-ish in the evening. I was carrying this white waterfall cardigan (which was big en vogue those days) from Jane Norman, unfortunately I do not have a close-up of the back of this cardigan, it has nice and nifty crochet work at the back. And it’s so light that you won’t even feel you are wearing a cover-up and thank God I was carrying it with me, else I wouldn’t have been allowed to go inside Notre Dame Cathedral in my bare arms;) My sunglasses are really really cheap ( i said it;), i picked them from Marks & Spencer . This pretty sky blue umbrella with a lace border was a gift from my Chinese teacher for topping  the class.It’s my fave.

Lime yellow is such a refreshing colour for summer. Try it, enjoy it and look belle in it!!!


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