Michael Kors Customer Experience

My fashionistas, so I am a proud and happiest owner of a Michael Kors  mid-Size Rose Golden Stainless Steel Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch that I had set my eyes on for the last 6 months. Last month, when I was in NYC, I had been to the biggest retailer- Macy’s .They were offering 10% discounts to the international visitors but I didn’t find the one I wanted there. Then I hade been to 5th Avenue flagship store and yes within 15 minutes, I came back with my tiny tote of shopagasm;) They were having SALE on some selected shoes, bags, accessories, watches and even some clothes. But as usual I never like stuff on SALE. Even on the biggest SALE day in London-boxing day, I come home with the most expensive dress in the store I go to:( That’s me!! Choice and quality are always the priority when shopping.One thing I must say, living in London, earning in GBP makes you feel rich when you shop and pay in US Dollars but why the hell they don’t have tax rebate for the International visitors??? We do in the UK…especially all commonwealth nationals can get the VAT back at the airport on their departure for every single goods purchased during their stay/trip. I must say I paid a hefty tax on my purchase of a designer watch and I’m certainly not satisfied about this silly rules. By the way, the customer service received there are one of th ebest in the world. The salesman who attended me greeted me at the entrance, asked my name and addressed me by my first name all throughout our deal, he then went on to offer me a drink at the store, I asked for plain water, he came back with a bottle of water of Michale Kors brand itself. This is what i customer service of world class. ‘Asking name and addressing with name’ is something I experienced at the Apple Store Regent St, London. I was highly satisfied. I have to tell you that since I do shop a lot and from various places, customer service really matters to me, I do not buy from a place where I’m not treated well. I have seen Desi (Designers hailing from Indian sub-continent) designers throwing all tantrums after they get the payment, they simply forget that I’m buying something from them and they think they are doing some favour to me. I learnt and never bought from that designer.

I have also added few pictures that I had taken there with my humble iphone while waiting for my watch’s chain to be fixed to fit my wrist size. I love their bag and wallet collection immensely. I am also a big fan of this colour combination they had kept as their visual merchandising for that particular day. My next big plan is to own a wallet and a big hand bag that I can carry to University and work:)

Try it, Michael Kors it!

I love the boxes they come in-Brown leather box with a pillow of  velvet to rest your Rose Gold beauty well:)

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