My fashionistas, it has been long that I have posted a Look for our male fashionistas. I regret for not doing so often. You can send me your photos if you think you Look a fashionista there and I can put up a post here:) It’s this simple. So, deal or no deal? Until you do that, here is a post for you all featuring the man behind my all photos. He makes me look decent in all my photos, therefore, I have personally picked every single piece of clothes and accessries for him and styled him to bring the best out of his oh-so-great-never-grows-old-skin genetic wonder:)


How to mix high-street and vintage fashion for a cool and quirky look is what you should be tipped through this Look. So I asked him few questions and this is what he had to say:

What are you wearing?

I was given a couple of complimentary tickets by my employer to attend a 1950’s theme event at Ascot Racecourse. This is how Tanusree of OneTimeFashionista styled me keeping the theme and dress code at Racecourse in mind.

Zara velvet blazer and chinos | Jane Ireland hand painted silk tie |Century 21 Square pocket ( Basically this is a double shaded Scrunchie Cravat that is worn as a square pocket that Tanusree from One Time Fashionista got me from NYC ) | Aldo shoes | TM Lewin white cotton shirt | Fossil Sunnies |Tommy Hilfiger silver metal watch |Next brown belt |Debenhams by Jasper Conran tie pin |M&S coloured socks (They are my favourite, I have them in all rainbow colours and I wear them color-blocked at times)

I have to add here that I had the chance to choose the tie with her, we were strolling through the Covent Graden market in one evening after work, Tanusree spotted the store, she asked me to choose one, I pointed at my finger to this one and she instantly bought me this. You also must know this, the square pocket was added to this Look at the eleventh hour, we were just leaving for Racecourse, she was busy checking out herself into the mirror and she suddenly looked at me and said, you know what let’s try this, she took the silk cravat out of my closet and started tucking in my pocket while saying ”we are just trying how it looks, if it doesn’t work, we will drop it , I promise” and then we both looked into the mirror and thought this goes so well! This is what is interesting about OneTimeFashionista-innovation!

What was the last thing you did to change the way you look now?
Got a hair cut from Òra Salon, Covent Garden
What will you never caught wearing?
What is your favorite piece of clothing that you never want to part with?
A black jersey jacket from Amnesty International.(My former employer)
Lastly, what makes you want to photograph OneTimeFashionista ?
Firstly, this blog gives tips to be fashionable and stylish, it doesn’t have to be expensive purchases to appear stylish or en vogue. Secondly, the fashion tips are easy to implement, to understand. Last but no the least, there is a feel-good factor in photographing in different attires, at different locations and through different angles to help to convey the motive of OneTimeFashionista.

Top tip: ”Grow a stubble. That’s the trend of the season”, says Shehzaad-the man behind the lens for OneTimeFashionista.

Try it, if you like it. Drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say.



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