Whether it’s a field of poppies, white daisies, wild roses or the first daffodil of spring, flowers bring luminance in our life and remind us of the shiny days ahead. Inspired from nature, it is noticed that floral prints are the biggest spring-summer trend that keeps coming back every year, no matter what! If we look at the trends for the past 5 years, this is one of the Spring-summer trend that has stored its place safely in the fashion world. Researching on the latest trends, patterns and designs, making frequent trips to the high-street stores, keeping an eye on iStreet sites are all part of a fashion blogger’s job. It’s needless to mention again that I am a Zara fan girl. Without any biasness, I conclude that ZARA makes the best floral print shirts or tunic tops in each passing year. Comfortable, made for all age groups and très chic.

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There is something very feminine about floral prints, I reckon. It makes you bubbly, cheerful and full of life, quite evident in my photos here;-) Zara makes floral prints in various different fabrics and styles. Whether it is a skirt, chinos, shorts, shirt or a tunic top, one thing you will find in common is that they are neon prints on a white base, beautifully captured from nature.

Try it, if you like it, (Highly recommended!) drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:-)

What Was I Wearing?

Zara shirt and colored Jeans

Primark color-blocked satchel and cream ballerina

Boots hair clip

Rimmel nail lacquer

Ray-ban sunnies

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Hello – I have been looking for this Zara shirt forever! Would you
Be interested in selling it?


Hi Sara, thanks for your message. It’s quite old now, so little worn out. Not worth selling, I’ll be honest with you.

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