Bikini Blues

My fashionistas, what can be a better day to blog about bikini than today? We have ”heat wave” alert this weekend with temperature soaring to 28 degree C. Although I had been meaning to blog this post for one week but couldn’t manage time as I passed the craziest busy week in a while. As you know one of the reasons why I started fashion blogging is to inspire ordinary, girls or women like me to put their best  foot forward everytime they go out and stand out as fashionista. By ordinary I mean non-celebs, people living with a limited earnings and those of us who neither can afford Chanel or Prada nor do look like cover girls of Vogue magazine. Well… the reality is..the girls on the magazine don’t look like that either;) This one post is to inspire all fashionistas out there who think you have to be in a particular ”media depicted” body shape to sport a bikini. I do not endorse ‘body shaming’. Life is too short to wait for a bikini body, right!

Bikini BluesBikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues Bikini Blues

Summer holiday is the word of the season now. This is the time of the year when many are attempting to shrug off their bellies and slough through their tanned skin to unearth their “bikini body”. I know women starves to death to achieve this annual ordeal and there are others, who lack confidence to wear one. Beach hopping, pool parties, sun tanning, sun bathing or even simply relaxing by the sea with a glass of cocktail, you need a one piece or two pieces bikini. Don’t fret over a perfect size 6 or 8 bikini body.  Be confident and wear a bikini on your next beach holiday this summer.

Top tip: Rather than changing bodies to fit bikinis, as has become the norm, there is still the option to buy a bikini to fit your body. I do that.

So, get out of the style rut and shed off your bikini blues!

(Disclaimer:  All photos are taken by the pool, in the Jacuzzi onboard Celebrity X Cruise, sailing through Mediterranean sea)

What I was Wearing:

La Senza turquoise blue bikini set  | Claire’s hair accessories  | Ray-ban sunnies |  Beach wear Flip-flop bought from Janpath in Delhi, India  | Primark Turquoise nail lacquer


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