My fashionistas, one of the biggest accessory trend of the season is Collar tip or stud. Completely swoon by this trend. Gone are those days when you couldn’t think of wearing a statement necklace with your formal workwear shirts fearing it will overpower your personality at a professional environment, the trend of collar tip has changed that woes and is here to ornament our plain white or other pastel hued shirts.

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So, here I am sharing my new buy from the weekend pilgrimage visit -shopping;) I can’t wait to style it and share the Look with you all. Three different ways I am thinking of donning it up:

1. With workwear formal shirts as collar tip.

2. With Saree as brooch.

3. With blazer as brooch.

I bought mine from a SundayUp market in Bricklane, it’s a pop-up shop, if you are lucky you might find the designer in every Sunday or never. Alternatively, look for any high street accessory stores or Asos or eBay. The one I bought is designed by the girl in the photo so it’s little pricey than usual ones. You can get a collar tip as cheap as GBP 0.99 on eBay.

Try it, if you like it, drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say:)

My new buy: Faux Emerald and pearl studded chained collar tips This Girl sells some unique Collar tips at Sunday UpMarket in BrickLane. Her apparel of chained collar tip Image source: Google images
Image source: Google images
Image source: Google images

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