My fashionistas, I couldn’t think of a better name for this post than ”Blue Belle” with all the accessories and jet blue Mediterranean sky and sea.

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Blue is a very popular color and gives off a sense of calm. It is the color of the deep sea and the clear sky that we see on the Mediterranean. Blue also symbolizes loyalty & honor. Wearing blue shirt at job interviews assures employers about your sense of loyality, well… that’s a new one for me! In my growing up years, I wasn’t very fond of women wearing blues. Blame the gender biased color cliches. For the past few years, I am loving blue on any women and even on me;) I remember reading it somewhere that when dealing with pure blue, never mix it up with any other color-I’m not very sure about that though but looking at these pictures, it appears that I have followed the rule book- a happy coincidence or may be not as I love the ethnic prints and a lil spalsh of rust color on my off-shoulder cotton summer dress:)

Top tip:

1. Try to make one piece of accessory more usuable by wearing it in different body parts and ways, like I did here, I wore my anklet as a lower arm band.

2. During summer time, if you are out in the day time like I did here, tie your hair in a beautiful dreamy side braid or top bun to avoid having messy and sweaty hair.

3. It is best to go minimal with accessory during heat wave, you will sweat in any ways, it will be less clumsy if you just wear couple of pieces of accessories. My dress, bag and shoes were the highlight of this Look, hence, I wore the feather layered neckpice as the main piece of accessory and just added the finger ring and arm band.

Try it, if you like it, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say.

P.S. All photos are taken in and around the goregous island of Capri, Italy.

Wearing: Forever21 Summer dress | Zara messenger bag and wedges | Boots Hair accessory | Dilli Haat anklet worn as lower arm band | Primark necklace | Accessorize ring | Mac superslick liquid eyeliner in signature blue






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