My fashionistas, the good thing after weekend is gone is that you know you had a great relaxing, fun time and the bad thing after the weekend is gone is that you will be reminded by your colleagues at work ”How was your weekend?”;) I am like ” Thank you for reminding me that I’m back to hell AKA work;)” So I am not going to ask you the same fearing your reaction, I will share how I spent it and this will keep me going until another Saturday hits me:)

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English weather is experiencing some serious Mediterranean like heat wave in this month-my very first ”proper” summer in five years in the UK. So, with no delay, last Saturday, I headed to this beautiful beach cum holiday park in England, famous for camping to make the most of its scenic beauty and of course the temperature;)

I can post series of Looks on beach fashion, I have already posted few in the past. I am one of those brown skinned woman who do not go to beach with an intention to get a tan, I’m already tanned and with extreme exposure to the Sun, I turn copper or what some friends termed ”mocha” skinned. If I am not getting into the water (which is ice like cold there), or getting a tan, then I don’t need to wear a bikini, what I need, is to wear something beach friendly-comfy, cool and casual. Why not playing with floral, wild-dreamy prints and neons and go Haiwaiian with your accessories? I love flurescent colors and prints. It gives you this lively feeling inside when wearing it. That is exactly what I tried in this Look.

It is your call ”how much is too much?”! Sometimes it’s best to throw in all the colors in one Look to bring the best out of it. I wore a over the top Hawaiian headband, multi-colored friendship wristbands, antique rings, neckpieces of different materials, silver anklet and gold toe ring- a complete fusion, eh?!

Top Tip:

1. When wearing a crop top, if you are not UP for mid-riff showcasing, wear a neon tank top inside, this way you create color block as well as it serves your purpose of covering enough to create curiosity;)

2. When wearing a high-low skirt, try wearing it in more than one way to see which one looks best on you. If they all look good, keep changing from time to time, like I did here:)

3. Don’t wear lipstick if you are wearing a bikini and going into the water, but if you are not, wear a bright lippy like me and go for dreamy eyes- no black eye liner or kohl pencil please, remember it’s day time + super hot on the beach, instead use colors like blue, green, purple etc. Use eye pencil and avoid using eye shadow, it will start dripping with sweats. I am using Mac’s minted eye pencil and had drawn both upper and lower line with it and at last add volumes of mascara, c’est tout! If you can, draw above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both, even on the water lines of your eyes.

What do you think about my Lady Gaga inspired sunnies? Don’t be shy! Make a statement in oversized sunnies in this summer. It’s Hollywood celeb style baby;)

Try it, if you like it, drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say:)

P.S. All photos are taken in Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, Dorset in England.

Wearing: H&M crop top, High-low skirt | Primark orange tank top, rubber waterproof beachwear sandals | Friendship wristbands, gold toe rings are from a street shop in Malaga, Spain | Vintage rings are from NYC sunday garage sale and Spitafields market in London | Mac minted eye pencil | Bobbi Brown orange lipstick | silver snake chain anklets from Janpath, New Delhi, India | Boohoo headband | Gold chain neckpiece from NYC garage sale |Barry M mint nail lacquer| Jatra wooden neckpiece | UrbanOutfitters Sunnies | Louise Roe collection Climme lime bag from Stylistpick


Photograph: Shehzaad Shams for One Time Fashionista

Photograph: Shehzaad Shams for One Time Fashionista


Three different ways to wear a High-Low skirt: Wear the higher/ long-ish side in the front Three different ways to wear a High-Low skirt: 3. Wear the higher/ long-ish side either on left or right side




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