It’s not just the celebs who will be looking fit and fabulous this summer. Try donning a bralet and you will see the best in you! Bralet is your new BFF- Bold, Fabulous and Fashionable.

Trenspotting: Bralet


Bralets are also known as Bandeau. And no, they are not swimwear, they are not even innerwear. They are your top that can be worn with many things, in many ways. And before you raise your eyebrows looking at the photoes and start telling yourself ”oh I can’t wear that’’ !!! Just hold on! And ask yourself ‘why not?!.’ I keep hearing people saying all the time ”I don’t have the body to wear a bikini.” Darling, you do have a body, whatever shape that is, but what you need to sport a bikini is CONFIDENT. So, be confident, take a look at this small piece of fashion-energy. Yes, it electrifies the fashionista in you!

Bralet or Bandeau nails the tropical trend perfectly. This beauty is small enough to create the Oomph but broad enough to cover and avoid the confusion that you are not out in your bra or bikini top.

I have to share a bralet- connection here. Couple of years ago, when no one knew about the term Bralet, I was on a cruise holiday in the Mediterranean, we all have been there when it comes to struggling to pack efficiently for our long holidays keeping in mind the luggage allowance. I was carrying 2 sets of bikinis and that wasn’t enough as we had been to many beaches and went down to swimming pool almost everyday. The day I would be just sitting by the beach and not getting into the water, I tried various pieces of clothes and accessories to get a different look every time I went out of my room and probably with those ones too that I already have worn in some other ways. So I tried wearing my wide headband (the ones I wear at the gym/dance class) as bandeau. I managed to do it as it was stretchable. I thought WELL DONE! And see now, Bralets are in fashion this year again. Different shapes and sizes but the concept remains the same for Bralet or Bandeau. They are available in every possible colours, tribal prints, floral prints and even in stripes. The best thing about Bralets are, they are as small in price as their shape;) So if you are planning a beach holiday, or enjoying a hot summer day in the park this is a must in your wardrobe!

Top tip:

Three or more ways to wear a Bralet-
1. Wear it with a long neon skirt- printed or single hued.

2. Wear it with a denim shorts.

3. Wear it with sarong or an ethnic printed scarf or single hued stole (worn as sarong like the one I did here)

or if you are like me, crazy and innovative in personal styling, I will even wear it with a chiffon or cotton saree (Indian traditional dress).

What Was I Wearing?

Accessorize large floppy hat

Ray-ban sunnies

Forever21 Bralet

Long crushed gypsy skirt with fitted gold coins was a present (Don’t know the label)

Beaded flip-flop is also a present, bought in the USA but I’m sure made in China or India

Ankle cuffs are from a beach side flea market in Malaga, Spain

Lime green stole is from Dilli Haat, India



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