It’s official: Colour-blocking is here to stay. Bold strokes, prominent hues, vivid neons, and pretty pastels are all playing their part in this fashion phenomenon. In this post, find me color-blocked vagabonding in and around the narrow alleys, thin shores of the island-Mykonos, Greece.

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But, how to make them all work? With confident, of course! This trend is a joy to experience and easy to assimilate into an existing wardrobe. No matter your comfort level, here is how to make this trend work in your life — without ever feeling uncomfortable or caked-up. Just play with them, mix ‘n’ match them, contrast and shock them and colour yourself just a bit, come any season. My two favourite color-blocked sets of colors are ”Teal and lavendar” and ” blue and maroon”. Give it a try!

I am a fan girl of OTT (over the top) pair of glasses. It does typecast you as bold? Who cares! So, give a break to your cat eyes and classic aviators and try a vintage statement glasses instead, as I did here. The shape is quirky but the color blocks just keep them trendy enough to transcend the seasons. ”The classic vamp-it-up shades are the big, curvy, movie-star kind; the “who does she think she is?” sort. If you are trying look simple and modest then these don’t do any favour to you.” -wish I had said that, but Jess Cartner-Morley from Guardian did.

Top tip:

1. Wear an outfit with neon ballerina or sandals for cool day look.

2. Layer up smartly when combining city or countryside walking tour with beach hopping just like I did here, I am wearing bikini underneath as I was wandering around the Mykonos town from morning till mid day and then lazying around by the beach later in the day.

What I was wearing:

1. Cream linen shirt with multi-colored threaded runways was a gift from my then BF-an old piece in my wardrobe, may be some about 8 years old. ( No idea from where)

2. Short colored denim skirt from Zara

3. Beaded orange belt from H&M

4. Orange silk ballerina with pink leather bow from Zara

5. Headband from Primark

6. Ring from Debenhams

7. Bangles and anklet from Dilli haat, Delhi, India.

8. Neckpiece from Jatra, Dhaka,Bangladesh

9. Bikini bra from a street shop in Istanbul ,Turkey.

10. Vintage sunnies from Portobello Market, London .

Try color-blocking, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)


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very sharp photos


You have interesting look, where you from? What is your ethnicity?


I’m from London. My ethnicity is Indian.

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