My fashionistas, your hair style should match your wardrobe, not your personality- there I said it! A whole lof of people live their whole life in misconception thinking they have the right hairstyle as it ”suits their personality”, let me drop the truth bomb and say ”No darling!”. The type of hair you have is completely genetical, you have no control over it but what we can do control is how we cut them, maintain them and most importantly style them. The style of your hair-cut truly shapes your face, mind it!

An afternoon at an underground salon Kinnimont-Mind the Hair!
An afternoon at an underground salon Kinnimont-Mind the Hair!

I am absolutely the wrong person to give any tips on how to maintain your hair! The irony is, there is a time in my life, I used to be an owner of the supposedly best hair quality- naturally straight, silky, fine and long black hair. Which is why I know how powerful thick, silky, long straight hair can be-to your self-esteem, your appearance and your ability to turn all heads on-both the genders and anything in between.

Sadly, my hair is not today what it was. Years of bad maintenance, one bad perming session immediately after a good dying, leaving them open unprotected in the sun, not using enough nourishing products and most of all taking them forgranted that I am blessed with the finest hair! I shouldn’t have. I have changed, as first protective measure I shortened the length and now I am back to my school-girl self again to oil them once in a week (at least I try to), do deep conditioning at home once a week, wash them less frequently (only twice a week) and trim them once in 2.5-3 months( I know I should do it even more frequently). I have been to the most expensive, high-end celebrity hair stylists, hair salons in London in the last 5 years and then one day, I saw one update in my newsfeed (on Facebook) from one of my instructors in the Gym-she was going to get her hair dyed, she told me about her friend who is a hair stylist at an high-end salon in Covent Garden, I immediately took his number and there I became a client cum friend to Alex. Alex, a romanian by birth has been trained in hair-styling both in Romania and in London, doesn’t work for the same employer anymore, he is an independent stylist now, along with his stylist friend Mussimo, they are working from an underground salon in one of the most posh location in London. Last Saturday, I had a hair appointment after almost 3 months, and boy! how much I loved this new place- wooden floor, antique portraits of some unknown Kings and Queens from Victorian era, antique decoration pieces, yellow lampshades and wired chandelier, a touch of elegance and sophistication is written all over it, every nook and corner of this studio salon screams ”poshness”.

Over the years, I have the same hair-style, I keep it long-ish, have few layers to give some volume to my otherwise very fine flat hair, and earlier I used to have long fringes hanging on both sides of the face (My then BF used to compliment this hair-style saying ”the fringes look like as if it is holding your face to kiss”- romantic, init?;) But now I have only one long side fringe-perfect hair style for people with round faces. I prefer to keep my hair long as it is versatile just like my wardrobe, I can style long hair exactly any ways I want to. My very personal point of view is to keep your hair as long as it should cover your bustline-just the perfect length, I reckon.

So, I thought to share my hair-stylist and this ahh-mazing place with you all through some pictures, paparazzi followed both me and Alex while he was shaping my hair and I was flipping through pages of Vogue magazine.

If you are in London and interested to get a wash-cut-blow dry by my hair-stylist, contact me here or in our Facebook page, I will fix you an appointment there:)



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