My fashionistas, as promised before, this is my very first video blog here. I receive lots of requests from Saree loving followers to show them how to drape a saree in a very basic way. So, this post is dedicated to those:

  1. who do not have access to frequent visit to beauty salon for professional service.
  2. who do not have any members in their family to show them how to drape a saree
  3. who lives alone
  4. who lives overseas where it is rare to find someone who can help you drape one at home.

    This is my very first attempt on video blogging, I am still learning video editing and one day I hope I will be honed into perfection, so bare with me and ignore any imperfection or trembling that may appear. Two people who made this possible are my gym instructor Camilla who is my Model and my partner cum Videographer(only for this blog) Shehzaad. Thank you both!

    N.B. The saree featured here is my own creation.

    Try it, drope me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say


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