Blinged out in glittery nails

My fashionistas,  “I make it a point to finish a bottle of nail polish before buying a new one,” said NO WOMAN EVER. I’d like to say- for the record-  am a nail paint collector. You just name a shade and I have it in my collection. I have added 5 new bottles to my collection  this week.

H&M Midnight mystery and Starstruck nail lacquer
H&M Midnight mystery and Starstruck nail lacquer

It’s time to stay on-trend right down to the tips of your toes! I am loving this galactic black glitter nail polish by H&M which is inspired by the explosion of colors in the galaxy. This Starstruck shade is a shade on its own as it can enhance any shade you apply as base coat. As base coat, I opted for this Midnight mystery which in layman’s language would be nothing but navy blue.

IMG_9938 IMG_9966 IMG_9968

Top tip: Paint your nails with glitter in this party season and look absolutely blinged out. 



Glitter nails are perfect for party seasons, evening-do and  also for festival seasons. The darker and glittery your nails are, the more hectic it gets to remove it in one swipe. Why worry? Catch up on all of your favourite TV shows and keep removing it, you will see how time flies!

Try a blinged out look on your nails in this party season, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say.

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