My fashionistas, this feeling of Christmassy is sort of finished but sort of not, are weird. These end-of-December days are my favorite – I’m brimming with festivity. So, I thought I would share the things I have been doing to celebrate Christmas for the past 4-5 years. I remember those wonder years of growing up, all I can think of celebrating Christmas was a day off from school- Boro din’er chhuti. Boro din is Christmas Day in Bengali. I had wondered why would they call it Boro Din (Literally it means Big Day) when it is celebrated in memory of Jesus Christ’s birth. Then I found out why! Here’s what the voluminous Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary says for Boro Din:

Boro Din n. (astr.) the winter solstice; (pop.) the Christmas Day

So it looks like it covers both astrological and religious meanings.

I remember spending this time of the year at my Mama Bari (Uncle’s house) in Kolkata where it is a ritual to eat cake on 25th December irrespective of your religious affiliation.

Now, before I burst out from childhood nostalgia, let’s talk how I spend CHRISTMAS in the UK. I get excited to spend time with my partner (as we both remain so busy that we hardly meet on weekdays), attend a couple of Christmas party or drinks hosted by my University and employer, pre-christmas shopping, going to winter wonderland at Hyde Park London, cook a feast, eat lots and exchange presents. I hope you had the best Christmas ever. I send you lots of festive wishes and hopes. All the while, I remember those less fortunate than I am in a variety of different situations. I also feel for those in the UK who are suffering from flooding/weather problems and travel issues.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London

IMG_0046 IMG_0108

Buckets of marshmallows
Santa and  little red riding hood Shopping at Westfield Shopping centre, Stratford, London Until next year...

IMG_0080 How I decorated my Christmas Tree

Christmas lunch is ready Christmas lunch spread Humble Mince pies by moi Christmas Cake no. 1- By moi Christmas Cake no. 2-By moi

Christmas lunch table decoration

Merry Christmas!

I am taking this opportunity to thank all of you for reading my posts and supporting me. This is the last post of 2013. I have had a very turbulent year-stressing about ailing family members, sorting out my ILR (Indefinite leave to remain in the UK visa) and struggling to find a balance between a full-time job (sometimes I work more than 40 hours a week) and PhD commitments (able to meet deadline for submitting research papers. I hope it gets better for all of us in 2014. If you have read my other posts, you have made me feel the best!


1. Christmas day sleepwear suit from La Senza

2. Royal blue funnel coat from New Look

3. Black knee-length leather boots from Clarks

4. Knitted hats and mittens from Accessorize

5. Red messenger bag from Primark

What are the highlights of your Christmas celebration? Drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)


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