My fashionistas, looking fashionista and staying warm without bulking up requires a creative eye. When I think of balancing of fabric weight, and just the right pieces-this cable knit dress layered over a turtle neck jumper is an ideal choice. Those of us live in this side of the world, a knit dress is technically one of the most essential piece of clothing especially when it’s snowing because you can layer it the way you want! Couple of years ago, I had accompanied my partner to a conference trip to Baltic States. Although the Sun was shining bright on this particular day but Vilnius city had already turned white under a blanket of snow. While my partner was getting ready for his speech at the conference, I made the most of this bright sunny yet chilly winter day in the square where a monument to Vincas Kudirka is erected in the centre of the capital. Knit dress Summer is a history now but still loving to wear dresses? Bodycon, slim-fit jumpers and turtlenecks can help you with the weather transition (just slip one on underneath!). Boots have always been, and remain as timeless as they are essential in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a pair of knee length leather boots with a knit dress make almost a flawless look. Oh dear I have knitwear envy! This shade of red and knitted textures are amazing, and I love it that I have paired it with a pair of rainbow colored mittens and a black polo neck. Top tip: Accentuate your waist! Flatter your curvier body! How? If you have a curvy body, you should choose pieces that naturally emphasize your waist and keep your top and bottom curves equally balanced out. Adding a belt makes your outfit look more polished. How do you layer your knits? If you like to layer your winter look with a knit dress, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:) Wardrobe: 1. Knit dress from Zara 2. Red beanie hat and rainbow colored mittens from Accessorize 3. Knee length leather boots from Clarks 4. Black Satchel from River Island 5. Ray-ban sunnies 6. Belt and black polo neck jumper from Primark Clarks knee length leather boots5 7 1 9 4


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Im so happy that you visited my homeland!
come visit and maybe follow us?


Sure! Where do you live? I have met amazing people there and they are good friends now:)

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