My fashionistas, here I’m back with another collection of my new buys:) Accessories are my favourite ingredients to create a fashionista Look. Bangles or stacked bracelets are accessories that can never go out of trend. It is bold and completely blinged out. Wearing multiple bangles is a great way to make even a basic ensemble of jeans and a T-shirt exude more fun and style.

Bangles and Bracelets

Of course, it is important to create contrast when wearing multiple bangles- be it contrasting colors, textures or metals. I have picked up these multi color silk thread bangles from Aarong and Jatra in Bangladesh. The range is boastful, to say the least, offering something for everyone’s taste and choice. These multi colored bangles are funky designs made with materials such as brass, mud, metal, cotton and beads. I prefer to mix ‘n’ match and create a fusion whenever I wear ethnic jewelleries. So, instead of choosing same colors, I opted for multi colors, fabrics and metals- from Gamchha to silk thread, from wooden to golden beaded ones.

5 ways to team them up:

1. Jeans and tribal print tunic top/Kurti

2. Palazzo or Harem pants with crop top

3. Long gypsy skirts with crop top or bralet or a cotton/ silk blouse

4. Cotton sarees with wide Zari border

5. Bikini and beach cover up

What if you are not wearing any of these outfits? What is your go-to-piece of jewellery? For me, it is a slick diamond bracelet in gold on my right hand and a massive rose gold watch on the left hand and may be a slick gold chain with a diamond pendant. I kinda hate gold jewelleries if they are not accompnaied with some precious stones- be it pearl, kundan, polki or women’s best friends-diamond. If you are in a sophisticated mood or may be heading out to a black tie dinner, then stay graceful and try a real diamond bracelet in yellow or white gold. It is my favourite (with an extra emphasis on V)! I am completely the opposite of an impulsive spender. I only buy things that I know I’ll wear. Expensive purchases are my way of making an investment;) I will be honest with you- these days, I feel a little uncomfortable spending money on myself out of guilt being frivolous and excessive. I decided to give that money away to my needy relatives. Having thought about that, during my last trip to Kolkata, I got rid of guilt and splurged on me- anything for diamonds,eh?! It was my gift to ME:) What option I had when owners and staff at Manik Chand Jewellers, Kolkata are like family to me. They are so nice, friendly and always give me the best deal. This diamond studded gold bracelet is guaranteed to be 18karat and came with certificate from IGI, like all their diamond jewelleries.

So, this season or the other, indulge yourself in handcrafted masterpiece of exquisite design and breathtaking brilliance from the diamond on gold and fusion multi color silk thread collections of bracelets and bangles. If you do, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say.


Diamond bracelet in goldManik Chand Jewellers diamond bracelet in gold IMG_0437 IMG_0446 IMG_0455 IMG_0458 IMG_0461 IMG_0474 IMG_9822 IMG_9827 IMG_0465IMG_9842


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