My fashionistas, keeping warm doesn’t mean you have to throw your fashion sense out of the window. But how to stay warm and a fashionista when dramatic snowstorms hitting the American MidWest and Northeast and adding more to this a further icy blast – known as a polar vortex – is expected this week, with temperatures plunging to a 20-year low?! This post is dedicated to all my friends and followers in the USA.

Buckle duffle coat by Jane Norman

In life-threatening chilly winter days combined with gusty winds, all you need a coat that is designed to keep you warm & stylish. A gorgeous red buckle duffle coat is a real winter fashion statement. This super soft & striking coat features gorgeous leather effect buckle fastenings, plunge pockets & a chic funnel neck, so you can avoid wearing scarf or neck warmers. The figure hugging fit will show off your gorgeous curves & keep you snug all winter long.

Top tip: Style yours with skinny jeans, woolen tights & your favourite winter boots (or snow boots) for a glamorous day look.

Buckle duffle coat by Jane Norman

Red buckle duffle coat

Playing around with the ''steel ball effect''

december 2010_132Accessorize Beret december 2010_009 december 2010_072 december 2010_076 december 2010_145 december 2010_077

Although I am wearing a pair of leather gloves here but mittens are better as you can use your fingers whenever you need to! Do not forget to layer with lots of dry clothes underneath, so that if you get wet, you may take one or two layer off and still stay warm in style.

If you think some people are just born creative (and you’re not one of them), think again. Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy. The secret is how to tap it. So, when you have a simple and boring black beret like I do, find an old hair pin with flowers or butterflies or even feathers and add to it, Voilà a feather in your hat!

So, no matter how tempting it is to abandon thoughts of fashion for the nearest warm, comfortable thing you find in the morning, don’t ignore the need to mix style with warmth. Try it, if not already! Drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)


1. Buckle duffle coat from Jane Norman

2. Beret from Accessorize

3. Red rose hair pin from Boots

4. Leather gloves from Accessorize

5. Suede leather pointed boots from BB Mall, Malyasia( I don’t remember the name of the store as it’s been 7 years now!)

6. Woolen tights from H&M

7. Leather Satchel from River Island


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