My fashionistas, are you already bored with your winter clothes? Winter makes me lazy, hence, less productive. As much as I love and appreciate the benefits of cashmere scarves, woolly tights, and cosy turtlenecks, but after months of wearing them all the time I long something light to wear. So, I thought to share this Look I tried for a work-cum-holiday trip to Baltic States (in 2011). Wearing the right layers of clothes and still manage to look a fashionista is tricky during winter-to-spring transition. When people in many countries around the world are trying to fix their air-condition for the coming summer, I have seen heavy snow in Lithuania in the end of March. As clearly evident in these photos that it was still very cold and wet in some parts of Lithuania and not many people in the popular tourist places.

A wake-up call from the depths of a winter wardrobe slumber Fashion industry experts insist that orange or purple is the black of this season. I am not sure whether to call this color tangerine or orange. I even asked this question on the Facebook page here. The closest option I can think of is rust- mix the colors red, yellow and orange little by little until the desired rust. When bathed in the sun light, Trakai Castle looks ravishing in this dusty rust color, like most of the neoclassical buildings. Noteworthy that my look of the day blended in with the Castle in the background. Well, I went prepared;)

lithuania_99_246 lithuania_99_182 lithuania_99_171 lithuania_99_44 lithuania_99_234 lithuania_99_264 lithuania_99_175 lithuania_99_7 Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 16.08.09 IMG_0530 lithuania_99_24 lithuania_99_162 lithuania_99_53 lithuania_99_255 lithuania_99_20 lithuania_99_198 lithuania_99_181 lithuania_99_183 lithuania_99_229 lithuania_99_178

It is vital to prepare for the upcoming season with some sartorial splurges that embrace the new trends, but we still need to look just right for right now. Consider it a spring awakening! If you do, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)

Top tip: Beautiful brooches add a touch of retro glamour to any look.


  1. Zara crop trouser
  2. Zara biker jacket
  3. Primark scarf
  4. H&M hat
  5. Primark top by Atmosphere
  6. Accessorize gloves
  7. Heels ankle boots
  8. Debenhams overcoat by Petite collection
  9. Primark butterfly brooch
  10. Primark brown satchel
  11. H&M sunnies

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You look so so pretty… everything is beautiful. Again my favorite, leather gloves are looking so chic along with the coat & hat. Keep dressing like this..Love your style & fashion. You are an inspiration. Lots of Love 🙂


Thank you very much. you have been so kind. Glad you liked the look:)


SO darling… I love how you have your shirt tucked in! XO


Thank you:)

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