My fashionistas, brooches never go out of fashion. Whether it is inspired by Queen Elizabeth II or commander in chic- first lady Michelle Obama or even your grandma’s antique piece, it has always been au courant and is here to stay. At first glance, the heavy, bold pieces may look or feel a little too dressy, but I would say GO FOR IT! Brooch it!

Brooch is back!


I have been a domestic goddess this Saturday doing all household chores, emptying the laundry basket, cooking Master-chef-standard delicacies and dressing up a brooch to feel better in this otherwise gloomy and dull weather. In popular belief, brooches are an excellent way to accessories yourself and to add that final touch that will complete your look but I have created this look keeping the brooch in mind. ‘’Don’t buy a brooch if it doesn’t match any of your clothes. Brooch is an accessory for a dress, not the other way’’ – says no one! A brooch can be the hero of a look! This large Dahlia brooch is living in my jewelry box for over two years now and I have just realized that I never blogged about it. Here I am, wearing this antique red stone brooch that I have collected from a garage sale in New York City, everything else in this look is a juxtaposition to it.

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IMG_0710 IMG_0684

Three ways to style a brooch:

Throw a brooch party on your blazer or overcoat. Gather up all your brooches and pin them on a fall blazer or winter overcoat. The extra bling is a dramatic way to rock (I hate to use the word ‘‘rock’’ though) this trend.

Wear it as a safety pin. If you are wearing a Saree, wear a brooch to keep the pleats in place. Pin it to over the knot of your scarf and make it a fashion statement.

Contrast with the background. A brooch can uplift any edgy outfit. Bright clothes ask for dark-coloured brooches, while silver and diamante brooches will look best on black or dark coloured clothes; so if you really want your fashion brooch to stand out – remember this simple rule.

A brooch is like a magic wand of a fairy princess, it either can make you look a fashionista or a fool. Wear it large, blinged-out and people won’t notice your face. Most people like to wear brooches as a fashion accessory that keeps them with the fashion trend or just to make their outfit more appealing. So, one thing is for sure – a brooch will make you stand out. So next time, when you are going out, don’t fret over what dress to wear or what shoes to team up, just wear a brooch and plan your look keeping the focus on the brooch. If you do, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say.

Top tip: Put a colourful or jewelled brooch on a formal dress and look stand out!

What Was I Wearing?

Brooch from a garage sale in New York City

Zara floral print shirt

Dorothy Perkins V-neck jumper

Bardo denim skirt

Aldo nude pump

H&M purple tights

Primark clutch

Vintage sunnies from Portobello road


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Very colourful. You look a lot like the Bangladeshi actress Shabnur.

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