My fashionistas, so as you know I’m kind of home-locked these days-thanks to my transfer viva and this awful weather but that doesn’t stop me having fun browsing through various shopping sites and putting one or two in the basket;) Here I am sharing with you all what all went in my shopping basket this week. Get inspired, get to shopping!

This week's new buys This week’s new buys

1. Zara jacquard print crop top

2. H&M kimono crop top

3. H&M crinkled skirt

4. Accessorize stripes socks

5. Accessorize floral and single colored bulldogs

6. Zara over-sized woolen scarf

It is clearly obvious that the shopping list has a mixture of all the seasons. That’s how I like to shop- winter outfits in Summer sale and vice-versa. Of course crop-top is the biggest obsession for me at this moment. Come Spring- Summer, I am going to style them with midi-skirt, pencil skirt, crop trouser, slim-fit denims and long maxi skirts. I am not the only one who is obsessing over it, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, Miranda Kerr are few names to take who are gushing over it too. Why? Well, it reveals just a flash of skin, the silhouette suits all body shapes and the mix-and-match possibilities are endless. Serious wardrobe score.

It's all about crop-top! It’s all about crop-top!

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