My fashionistas, a film critic from India once sent me a message on Facebook appreciating the way I dress up. He also made a request that I wear a hot pink trouser some day. I will be lying if I don’t confess that I fancy his writing skill and oh yes, flirting too;) I have worn this pink trouser on a Spring holiday in San Francisco in the last month.

Color Me Poppy N Pink

Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink

So, keeping the request in mind, I kept my eyes on Zara Sale as I believe they make the best fitted trouser on the high-street. I picked up this pink trouser during Christmas Sale last year. It was kept unworn in my closet since then. Usually, I end up wearing new clothes almost every week but I how could I resist this long? Styling a pink trouser could be tricky. One bad choice could ruin the charm of this delicious piece of clothing. The most common way to style a pink trouser is to try Pink-on-Pink- that means you wear one or two shade lighter than the trouser. Another way you can rock a pink trouser is to pair it with grey or blue but come winter, I will try that. Your Spring-Summer looks have to be vibrant, playful and full-of-life. So, I chose poppy. I had been wanting to own a poppy Kaftan Top for how long I can’t even remember. There I found one at Zara. This label almost has an answer for all your fashion problems keeping you on budget.

Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink Color Me Poppy N Pink

Finally at the Golden Gate Bridge- I wanted to be here for so long.

This Kaftan top makes me feel a sweet Batman;) I love the V-neckline which takes the attention away from the problem areas of your body. The high-low cut is just perfect to cover up the bottom enough and also leave room for you to sport a slick belt, if you want to. The neck design on the back makes it easy to decide on the hair-do to go with this look. You just have to tie them up and above for the design and cut to be seen.

I have said here before that a pair of nude pump gives an illusion of having long legs. With two bold colors on body, I had to go nude on the feet as it will break down the solidity and will tone down the brightness of the outfit just for the right amount. This way even if you have zero-thigh-gaps, it will still make your legs look toned. For some strange reason, one color that I have been completely besotted about in this SS’14, is Lilac. I wanted to break the monotone of this look by adding a lilac clutch. What I find coincidental is how the V-shaped buckle styles in align with the V-neck of the Kaftan.

One of my friends gave her verdict as soon as she saw my photo. This is what she had to say, ‘’I could never think pairing Pink with Poppy. It looks fabulous.’’ Try a pink trouser with poppy. Drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)


Zara Kaftan

Zara Trouser

Aldo Shoes

Asos Clutch

Neckpiece and ring from Spitafields Market, London

Bracelet from Bijou Brigitte

Lipstick Infrared for Topshop

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Ray-ban Sunnies


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you look classy..and nice tips as always:)


Thank you:)

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