IMG_7151solo collageIMG_7292IMG_7185cliff topIMG_7301IMG_7331IMG_7487IMG_7293IMG_7189IMG_7299IMG_7311IMG_7117IMG_7370IMG_7091IMG_7102IMG_7108IMG_7153IMG_7156IMG_7192IMG_7190IMG_7133IMG_7130IMG_7334IMG_7112Dressing Up Spring's Perfect Dress! My fashionistas, legends say you can buy fashion but you can’t buy style. This look certainly proof that it’s all about how you wear something rather than the piece itself.
For a day trip to the Grand Canyon, I opted for a comfortable look with edgy outfit and accessories. Pairing a denim shorts with a plain white tank top, ankle boots and fedora hat is something many of you will choose to wear for sight-seeing which involves lot of walking down the rock-y landscape. I wanted this look to be an admixture of feminine and masculine pieces, so I looked for a chiffon maxi dress with button placket through front and elasticated cuff. I envisaged a floral one with tons of different colors clashing in it. After months of online-window-shopping, I spotted this one, where else but Zara. When coming down to dressing up this perfect Spring dress, I decided to play around but didn’t take it too seriously. Instead, I opted for easy, comfortable pieces such as ankle boots, denim shorts, fedora hat to balance between masculine tailoring and timeless separates.

Fedora hats are like a rescue team for your hair on the third day of washing;) But this was planned to be a part of the look, actually I wanted a Cowboy hat for this look as you start down into the valley of the Klondyke-Aravipa Canyon area in southeastern Arizona, you have the feeling of entering the last frontier in Arizona- the land of the Cowboys.
Although I like pieces that I can keep and wear over and over again, style them different ways, dress down or up depending where I am going. Be forewarned, this is not a classic piece that you can style for a day at Work or otherwise, this is not even an ideal piece to wear in rainy season. But there are times when you have to let go of these rules and concerns, and own a dress to play a camouflage theme recurring in Canyon colors both figuratatively and literally.

Top tip: Wear a playful and irreverent prints semi-sheer maxi dress this season with a pair of comfortable yet stylish pure leather ankle boots.


Zara Maxi Dress

Zara Denim Shorts

H& M White tank top

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots

Zara Messenger Bag

Topshop Ankle Socks

Fedora Hat from New York City Flea Market

Ray-ban Sunnies

Sea-shell Pendant from Pink City Market, Dhaka


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