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L'oreal Paris Blue Xenon

My fahionistas, Shiseido aristic director Dick Page says. “You might find that after you do your eyes, you don’t need anything more than tinted moisturizer on the rest of the face.” And I say, ”Yes, right! Add a bit of frosted pink lipgloss too, you are ready to take on the world!”


Finally we have ”proper” summer here in London !!! I’m loving every bit of it as I get to make the most of my summer wardrobe. The other day I wore my white maxi dress after 4 years, again. And this is my go-to eye make-up with a white cotton maxi dress in this London summer.


With no professional training in make-up, I’m probably the wrong person to show you any make-up tutorial. But just like I understand flavors of spices when I cook (without any coaching classes or boring cookbooks), I end up painting a couple posters to hang on the wall of the wooden staircases in my flat in London even when I scored very low marks in drawing class back in school or, mastering the art of color-blocking when styling a look, in the same way I try to understand skin tone, play with color palette, experiment and do my own make-up always. Cooking, painting, styling, fashion designing, putting up make-up- all are same in some way. One has to be imaginative to do each one of these neatly. Creativity is the key word. I am far away from being creative but the other day a friend told me the first word that comes to her mind to describe me is, creative. I have to live upto this title now. When asked recently on the blog, one of the fashionistas have suggested that I should share more make-up tips and tricks. Here you go!


I have created this summer day-out look with metallic aqua blue eyes and nails using L’oreal Paris Blue Xenon and MaxFactor Dazzling Blue. I am usually a bit apprehensive when it comes to cheaper make-up products but these shades will keep your wallet healthy without worrying much about the quality. Assuming you have done your base make-up, I am sharing 3 easy steps to achieve this metallic aqua blue eyes:


Step 1: After you have applied your primer, load up your brush with an aqua blue eyeshadow and dab on to the lid so you get a really thick layer of color. You also want to sweep the color along the socket line on the outer corners of the eyes. Take a clean blending brush and blend out the edges so they aren’t so harsh.


Step 2: Take a black liquid eyeliner or eye pencil (I have used Bobbi Brown’s Black Kejal pencil to have matte finish) and apply it from the centre of the upper lash line to the outer corner. Apply this in small lines to get a perfect straight line.


Step 3: Apply a thick layer of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. A good tip is to wiggle the brush at the roots to get more of the product onto the lashes.


Top Tip: Apply a bright aqua or turquoise waterproof pencil eyeliner to the waterline to add a burst of colour to the eyes.


I have matched my eyes with the nails this time. I also love to match my lips with nails:)


Stay tuned, stay stunned!

P.S. These photos are #Selfie taken with my iPhone


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you look so cute,splashed away with your fresh look:)..


Thank you:)

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