Metallics, Jacquard Print and a Pink Stiletto

Metallics, Jacquard Print and a Pink Stiletto
Metallics, Jacquard Print and a Pink Stiletto




Inside Hotel Venetian, Las Vegas
Inside Hotel Venetian, Las Vegas

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View from the terrace of the Hotel Stratosphere -the entire city of Las Vegas
View from the terrace of the Hotel Stratosphere -the entire city of Las Vegas


My fashionistas, a turtle neck Jacquard print crop top with a metallic skirt? Because it is unusual this is why it works! With this look, two fashion hits of this year- crop top and metallics, I’m bringing them together into one look.


Fashion gurus say, when you opt for metallics, it’s best to stay away from bold prints and colors for the rest of your outfit and let that one piece of your look, ahem, shine. Try matching just only one of your accessories to your outfit or none. Yes, one metallic piece is enough, I say, but why in the world not incorporating some bold colors into your look?


Directional, exciting and diverse, the metallic midi-skirt makes and breaks the fashion rules. Scouring the globe for inspiration, I’m inspired by fashion’s most covetable trends; this metallic midi-skirt with crystal embroidered border. Flattering, this high rise waist providing you with a cutting edge wardrobe season upon season. I have donned this look during my Spring holiday in Vegas but this could be very much a part of your Spring to Summer wardrobe.


One of my most favorite things when creating a look is I take old clothes from my own wardrobe and make new look from it. This skirt was a Boxing Day sale buy some odd years ago. I am wearing it here for the second time, only. Wearing a pair of dressy heels with an old skirt was my way of spicing up a look. I’ll assume you know the most basic rule of thumb: if your outfit has a color in it, your footwear can be any shade of that color. Rules are meant to be broken, I say:) So, hot pink stilettos was my own way to spice up a casual Jacquard print top.


Staying away from overkilling a look by going match-oh-much is important. So, I kept it simple and matched in major-minor theme; my lippy with shoes and ear ring with skirt. Wearing a polarised glasses has its own benefit-it takes the shade of your outfit. Although this H&M sunglasses are multi-colored but it looked blue here because of the shade of the skirt.


As you notice, my crop-top obsession continues. Don’t blame me.The entire fashion Universe is gushing over it. Why? reveals just a flash of skin, the silhouette suits all body shapes and the mix-and-match possibilities are endless. Serious wardrobe score.


Stay tuned, stay stunned!


Top tip: Bold color shoes are great way of jazzing up a look but avoid pairing them with a racy ensemble. They offer enough sizzle factor on their own. 



Debenhams Metallic Skirt

Zara Jacquard Top

Zara Pink Stilettos

H&M Polarised Sunnies

Ear Ring from Sachdeva, Kamla Nagar Market, New Delhi

Primark Sequins Clutch

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