My fashionistas, I have said it before I have no training in make-up. I learn a thing or two about applying make-up is by experimenting on myself with few tricks and tips I pick up from the make-up artists every time I shop for make-up items. My favorite feature of a human body is a pair of eyes. Your eyes have the power and ability to express without uttering a word, I reckon. This is why I focus more on eyes when it comes to make-up. Even on a no-make-up-day I would endorse that you apply couple strokes of mascara and a dash of lipgloss, you are done-up! It’s no secret now that those perfectly done eye-lashes are curled before they are brushed with mascara. I was a little lame at first thinking ”Oh who cares whether my eye-lashes are curled or not” and there comes a time in your developing make-up applying skills when you you give-in and start doing the thing just the right way. So, I just happen to own this award-winning eye-lash curler by Shu Uemura now:) It just gives my lashes the extra oomph it needs, and I can continue staying away from fake eye-lashes for the rest of my life:)

As this is my very first time using an eye-lash curler, what else can grace my dressing table but this iconic, best-selling and award-winning Shu Uemura eyelash curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the dreamy curled eye-lashes.

Top tips:

No. 1: Always curl mascara-free lashes; curling them after applying mascara makes them prone to breakage.


No. 2: For the most natural looking curl, start crimping at the base of the lashes and gently move the lash curler up to the tips of the lashes.


Voila, the finished look: naturally define and open-eyed.


Stay tuned, stay stunned.


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