My fashionistas, if you are sceptical about the boot as a high-summer option then think of it as an alternative on a day of sunny intervals. I have donned this look on one such day of London summer. To make a pair of boots work for summer, you need a gap. A vertical slice of visible skin, from knee-ish to lower-thigh–ish- is what London summer fashion is all about. So, find a summer dress with the perfect gap to suit your knee-length boots and make it a style statement replacing summer cropped-trouser-and-ankle-strappy-sandals look.

Summer BootsSummer BootsSummer BootsSummer Boots

Boots with dresses in the Summer is my favourite thing as I like the way it looks. So, I have paired a brown leather boots with a shirt dress. I have re-picked this shirt dress from a suitcase full of clothes only worn or twice with a mission to sell them out. Literally, styled this look from my own (wardrobe) garbage;)

Summer BootsSummer Boots

Boots for Summer? Why not! Boots for Summer? Why not!

Summer BootsSummer Boots

Although I have fetish for pedicured feet and I crave to wear sandals that allows my toe nails to get some fresh air but London weather/lifestyle is the culprit! Sudden rains, people stepping on my toes in crowded train stations, forgetting to apply sunscreen on your feet before going out in the sun, fearing your feet gonna touch the disgusting sticky office carpet, but who cares, because a pair of summertime boots solves all these problems in one fell swoop!

Top tip: In order to make summer boots work, they need to have a sense of lightness to them. This means they should 1) be ankle boots almost exclusively and 2) be a light color or have some detailing that lightens them up style-wise.

Summer BootsSummer BootsSummer BootsSummer BootsSummer BootsSummer Boots


The right knee-length boot can add some pizazz to a simple shirt dress. A fun color, buckle and tiny pencil heel detail dressed up an otherwise ho-hum pale white dress and makes it seem almost fancy.

This was also my bad hair day! I mean my hair is always bad but on the 3rd day after washing is even worse. So, I cheated and safely tied them up in a sleek ponytail hiding the hair band. How? Just took few strands of hair and wrapped it around the hair band, when it reaches to the end, just pinned it with a black bobby pin.

I own a brown messenger bag but I was not liking the visual of a match-o-much look when I wear a brown shoe. I’ve realized that answer, at least in the summer, is a white or off-white handbag. A white or off-white handbag conveys to the fashion world that you know it’s summer, duh, you just choose to wear boots anyway!

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


Vintage Shirtdress from Spitafields Market London

Barratts Brown Leather Boots

Handbag from Bond Street Flea Market

Vintage Sunglasses from Portobello Road London

Bracelet and rings from Sefa Huy UK Jewels


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