My fashionistas, from body harnesses to hand Panjas and head pieces, from toe rings to arm bands, there’s no denying that body jewellery is having a moment in 2014, like you wouldn’t even want to consider a festival or summer holidays without it. No, seriously. I have personally wore all of these types of body jewelry in various occasions. So, in this post, I’ll be sharing some of the body accessories I have donned in my most recent summer holiday in Croatia, naturally, and especially some of the new styles we’ve seen coming through once again this season.

So now, I thought I’d give a little the body jewellery that all fashionistas already know and would love a little update. The head, hand and foot chain are still major contenders in the world of festival chic this year, which is great news for any boho fashionista. Why? Because it means they’re majorly available, in all varieties and at every end of the budget scale!

Hair Flower Crown From Spitafields Market Hair Flower Crown From Spitafields Market

Ritika Sachdeva Gold Plated Elephant Matha Patti/ Headgear and Katy Perry Prism Collection Hand Panjas/ Hand harness
Ritika Sachdeva Gold Plated Elephant Matha Patti/ Headgear and Katy Perry Prism Collection Hand Panjas/ Hand harness
RITIKA SACHDEVA Elephant drop with pearl charm matha patti
A Ritika Sachdeva creation featuring an antique gold finish 3 plain metal chain matha patti with elephant drop and pearl charm made in brass metal.
Ritika Sachdeva Gold Plated Elephant Matha Patti
Elephant drop with pearl charm matha patti by Ritika Sachdeva
Elephant drop with pearl charm matha patti
Ritika Sachdeva Gold Plated Elephant Matha Patti/ Headgear
Asos Multi-coined Headband
Asos Multi-coined Headband

Asos Multi-coined Headband Asos Multi-coined Headband

Let’s start with the ever-fabulous head chain. It’s no secret that we freakin’ love a crown, whether it’s made of flowers, braids or gold is kinda irrelevant… as long as there’s a crown involved, I’m happy because accessories give your outfit the right edge. Without right accessries your outfit is a piece of cloth and never transforms into a look. The summer of 2014 have seen headpieces getting a little heavier, a lot bolder and more hippie than ever and boy, am I up for that. Emblazon your forehead with a Hamsa, a geometric triangle or a cluster of gems; just make sure you do it!

Over the last one year, my most visited shopping site for Indianwear collection is Pernia’s Pop-up Shop. Through Pernia’s Pop-up Shop, I got introduced to many budding Indian designers which otherwise my life in London wouldn’t allow me to have access to it. Of course they also feature the major 2014 body jewellery trend. Matha Patti aka head chain or Tiara is one such trend that every fashionista worldwide has embraced lovingly. I reckon this is one of the most wearable alternative jewellery pieces I’ve seen; it’s suitable for every shape and size and has the potential to work with both Indian or Western dress. One Indian Jewellery designer who took this trend to whole new level is Ritika Sachdeva. Her collection on Pernia’s pop-up shop, especially her take on this trend comes in the form of traditional yet modern. An admixture of tradition and modernity, Ritika Sachdeva’s collection of Matha Patti/ head chains will simultaneously softening and highlighting your outfit. While this slick, golden elephant shaped head chain with a pearl elongated my forehead, it can be worn multi-ways- pairing it with festival or occasion wears like Saree, Salwar-kameez, Anarkali Suits or even with an Aztec print maxi dress for Summer holidays in the pristine European countrysides, like I did here. A twenty second browse of the ASOS homepage will also tell you that body jewellery is a massive trend for 2014, this multi-coined headband is one such ASOS find of mine. As soon as my beautographer spotted this headgear lying wrapped up on the dressing table, he sounded excited, ”Wow! You have so many coins to spend, can I have some, please?” Lol. Men, eh;) On a serious note, yes! headchains are grand and luxurious; I LOVE them.

Wear them for a boho look during the day on Summer holidays Wear them for a boho look during the day on Summer holidays Katy Perry Prism collection hand chain for Claire's -Round aurora borealis stones accent with four gold chains attached to one expendable ring Katy Perry Prism collection hand chain for Claire’s -Round aurora borealis stones accent with four gold chains attached to one expendable ring

Yeah, the gorgeousness of hand Panjas/ hand chains with rings are already hugely popular for Summer 2014, and I’m a major (albeit, rather cautious) fan! If you’re anything like me, you may be panicking about just how manicured ones hand might need to be in order to pull one of these cuties off… Calm yourself ladies, Katy Perry PRISM collection available exclusively at Claire’s got you covered! Just paint your nails in your favourite color and wear them. Simple. The ring is expandable, so you can adjust them to fit just perfectly, and do you notice how it features chains, or round aurora borealis stones and a single chain that (just how cute are the stones!) dangling from the ring? Katy Perry‘s unique style is captured perfectly in this hand chain. Round aurora borealis stones accent four gold chains around your wrist. Well, they form a welcome distraction from the edge of the bangle, making them a lot more flattering that you might first perceive. Perfect for your Beach-boho look or to add a glitz |& glamour to your all black outfit for that dinner date, these divine chains are the ultimate in edgy elegance. Swoon!

Amrapali Jewels Silver Toe Rings Amrapali Jewels Silver Toe Rings Amrapali Jewels Silver Toe Rings Amrapali Jewels Silver Toe Rings Amrapali Silver Toe rings Amrapali Silver Toe rings

Toe rings and I, have a long history. My very first pair of toe rings were presented by my beautographer some about 12 years ago during a holiday in Goa. I can’t give much details of that moment, all I can reveal is it was one of the most romantic gesture and moment that you could probably see in a film, but it was for real, for me. I wore them for years only after they reached to a state where it was best to keep them as memory. Since then I own couple of more pairs silver toe rings- all bought from India, of course! While browsing Amrapali store at the Forum Mall in Kolkata last year for some more toerings for my collection, I stumbled across this pair; I was like ‘Seriously, so cute and yet traditional!’ It’s not a secret to anyone now that Amrapali is the spark of inspiration for all jewellery post, their pieces are originality personified; a whole new, very grown up and very polished take on traditional jewellery. I’ve picked just a few in my collection in the last year and a half, but I’d implore you to take a look at their entire collection, it’s incredible. Whether it is traditional Chandbalis or Jhumkas I own them all- they’re sumptuous, they’re refined and I really don’t need to say anything more; they more than speak for themselves!

H&M Body harness
H&M Body Harness/ Body Chain

Body chains or body harnesses are just gorgeous, aren’t they? I love how it has almost replaced necklaces this season and it somehow makes it all the more boho. If you’re off to a beach holiday, you need to be rocking this look, for sure. On this holiday, I wore this H&M golden body chain with a crop top revealing mid-riff and a crushed maxi dress, but I can’t wait to wear it with a two-piece bikini on my next beach holiday in some exotic locations around the world.

Foot Chain/ Anklets Foot Chain/ Anklets

On to hand and foot chains and these little guys just never, and I mean never, grow old. There are so many variations out there right now and they make such an ace addition to your right hand or to adorn your feet. I’ve picked some of my, super affordable favorites of the moment, from a silver jeweler in India. Although unfortunately politically incorrect, I found the phrase ‘slave chain/bracelet/anklet’ to be the most productive search term in unearthing a wealth of beautiful pieces. But there is nothing like going to the store myself and picking every single piece with care. Enjoyed losing my entire afternoon to browsing them in Vardhan Market in Kolkata and bargaining with the shop owner (that’s how you get the best deal while shopping from independent stores/ designers in India)!

They’re just the epitome of bohemian. I love the idea of wearing them on both feet, in place of shoes and fully embracing the Indian styling of these almost regal pieces. For me, they’re pretty much a necessity for a walk in the beach: a shot of beautifully adorned feet in a woodland or open meadow is just everything.

So my fashionistas, I reckon the evidence is pretty clear: worn sparingly and maturely, body jewelleries will give your outfit a whole load of free-spirited soul and an undeniable sass factor. Here’s hoping I’ve convinced you of the charm of these chains; I can’t wait to see you girls rocking them!

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


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