My fashionistas, after several years of skinny chinos ruling the fashion world, wide leg trousers are making their mark again. Wide-leg trousers isn’t something new. It was a trend in the 70’s and since then, it keeps on coming back. I’ve always been a fan of wide-leg and flared pants so I’m definitely one of those people rejoicing over its return. I didn’t just “try” this trend, it’s more like resurrecting a long lost love. Although I definitely don’t want to see skinny chinos go – especially the colored ones, I am to welcome an alternative to the mix. No wonder celebs are wearing them high waisted, low slung, with heels, with sandals, chiffon, linen and everywhere in between.

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers

I made sure to keep it simple yet chic. I see wide-leg pants as something quite corporate so it needs to be something very minimalistic. The best part is they can be styled for different time of the day, in different seasons and on various occasions. During the day you can wear this look with a short or crop top, colorful accessories and heels as well (you can even give color blocking a shot)! At night, you can use a more dainty top, maybe a silk sleeveless top, tucked in, but this time maybe just wear a big ring, a bold metallic watch, heels, and a clutch. The same goes for work and a party. Wide leg trousers are perfect for a laid-back day on the beach just for reading your favourite book or a pair of linen wide leg pants are perfect for when you decide to take a stroll along the shore or walk around! You can use it with a bikini top during the day then maybe wear a cropped top at night to keep you from feeling cold. Just carry a Pashmina shawl or a light cardigan. See, they are so versatile!

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers argentina_999_857

I wanted to style it to make the look my own. How? By making this look edgy. I used chic accessories to give my “simple” look some attitude. So, I added my trusty floppy hat, my comfy leather ankle boots, and an ethnic rucksack for a pop of color.

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers argentina_999_811 argentina_999_801

I have donned this look for strutting down Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, packed with energy and a vibrant atmosphere and exploring Defensa Street, a cobblestone road cutting through the heart of San Telmo, famous for its many antique dealers and original Spanish & Italian architecture.

Layering too much would have made it look over-the-top. Because wearing too many trendy pieces in one outfit, plus styling with too much accessories will definitely make the entire outfit looking clumsy. The secret is keeping the look simple, fresh yet stylish. Highlighting few key pieces is the perfect way to achieve a more polished and well-put together look e.g. a cute tangerine hat.

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers argentina_999_835 argentina_999_814

Wide-legged trousers look really good with sky-high heels or wedges as they would be perfect to create an illusion of longer leg line. But the length of this Zara linen flared trouser is long enough for my shoes to peep through, so I opted for an ankle length boots which was so apt for slightly chilly spring evenings of Buenos Aires.

argentina_999_853 argentina_999_894 argentina_999_863

When wearing voluminous pants, I make sure to pair it with a waist-defining top. This Aztec print Asos cropped top was the perfect choice as I prefer it untucked, also it matched my hat and then layered it with a classic quilted biker leather jacket.

argentina_999_843 argentina_999_849Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers argentina_999_850 argentina_999_851

So, if you are still thinking these are just frumpy looking pants and give the impression you gained 30 pounds, shake off your prejudices and give it a try!

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers argentina_999_898

Top tip:

Be very careful in choosing the right flare for your body shape. Remember that wide-legged trousers will surely be a major piece in your outfit. Incorporating only few accessories will keep the look chic and not too busy. And also, don’t hesitate to experiment and add pieces that will give the look a lot of character!

And as with all trends, confidence is key. I strongly believe that you’ll look good if you feel good.

And then there is behind the scenes of this shoot;) Yelling at the beautographer or saving him from getting crashed by oncoming cars in the middle of the road?

Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers Trendspotting: Wide Leg Trousers

Stay tuned, stay stunned!

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Wide Leg Linen Trouser

Asos Aztec Print Crop Top

Zara Leather Biker Jacket

Accessorize Floppy Hat

Kurt Geiger Leather Ankle Boots

Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses

Primark Rucksack


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