My fashionistas, traveling the world gathering bits and pieces of different cultures and incorporating them into my own personal style is how I create fashion. A true free-spirit, I experiment on different looks by donning different types of outfits and I’m here to inspire all of you to get out of the style rut and bring out the best in you. Enchanting and intriguing, this bohemian look I sported during my visit to the magnificient Iguazú Falls during my recent trip to Argentina is, so magically understated that it rarely goes unnoticed.

Styled with a cold shoulder embroidered top, this look is of a dreamer wanders the earth in bohemian looks that channel the beauty of decade past. I loved the contrast embroidery to yoke in the front because it reminds me of India. Made from a breathable woven cotton, this cold shoulder design top is perfect for the hot summer days. Pairing it with a pair of distressed jeans brings the right element to this bohemian look because let’s just admit that it is an easy option to reach out especially when on holiday you had to catch a flight at 5.30AM from Buenos Aires to reach Puerto Iguazú as early as possible to make the most of the day. Travelling from one city/town to another and going for sight-seeing in a national park on the same day were calling for something comfortable long-wear and of course stylish. It is not recommended to wear cotton if you wish to take the boat ride to go almost under the falls. I was at the closest view points of the waterfalls, sprinkled a bit with the splash of water stream of Bosetti but that was just so roamantic- the roar of the water racing over sheer cliffs and crashing on outcroppings of rock is the music of Iguazu! The contrast of ripped or distressed jeans and feminine tops, like this over-sized cold shoulder embroidered top were the perfect melody to it.

Sunset at the landmark of the Three Frontiers where the three borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet each other

Sunset at the landmark of the Three Frontiers where the three borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet each other

argentina_999_387 The grandeur of Bosetti Falls

In front of Iguazú Bosetti- one of the notable falls inside the Iguazú National Park

argentina_999_656 edited argentina_999_662 argentina_999_122 argentina_999_88 argentina_999_642

For an extra pop of color against the lush green jungle around the falls and snow-white water stream of Iguazu river, I added a fuchsia pink tribal-inspired beaded clutch then kept it matched on bottom with denim sandals with golden straps. This tribal-inspired beaded clutch was my answer to metallic and sequined bags for the warmer months. Instead of relying on bling, this beaded bag provided an earthy alternative that manage to be glamorous and statement-making without coming off stuffy or overdressed for a day trip to this UNESCO World Heritage centre. This look has a complete boho feel so I went with layering multi-colored silk thread bangles and a black thread braided neck chain with a silver antique locket.

Puerto Iguazu turns almost a ghost town between 2 pm and 4 pm, when everybody takes a siesta. I thought to take a walk around the small town that maintained its charm pretty well.

argentina_999_602 argentina_999_609 argentina_999_600 argentina_999_388


Whenever I came across images of places like Iguazú Falls, my urge to drop everything and travel this beautiful planet overwhelms my senses. And I finally did it this year! There is so much to experience in this world, it’s a little saddening to know how many people never get to explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings. Thankfully there’s pictures and the power of human imagination to take us to places we may never see in real life 🙂 A full-fledged post on Iguazú Falls is on its way to be featured under Voyage category here.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!

argentina_999_74 argentina_999_501 argentina_999_511


Zara Distressed Jeans

ASOS Cold Shoulder Embroidered Top

Primark Tribal-inspired Beaded Clutch

Salt & Pepper Denim Sandals

Antique Silver Locket from Portobello Road, London

Multi-colored Thread Bangles from Dilli Haat, India

H&M Mirror Sunnies


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