‘‘There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Instead, let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.’’

My fashionistas, fads come and go. Some fads keep coming back and in this case, it’s good thing. Juicing has been around for decades and numerous books have been published, pages of health & lifestyle fashion magazine columns have been flooded on the subject over the years. Now that being healthy seems to be in style again, it’s a great time to look at juicing and the benefits it can have for your health. Those of you have been following this blog on Facebook and Instagram closely know that I had been on juicing since 1st of August. After receiving huge response to this newly adopted lifestyle, I have been receiving requests from so many of you to do a post on how, why, what I do when on Juicing! So, here I’m, to share my experience on juicing with you, to inspire you all to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Photo posted earlier on Facebook and Instagram. (Photo taken with humble iPhone) Photo posted earlier on Facebook and Instagram. (Photo taken with humble iPhone)

I had divided this new adopted lifestyle into two different terms. The first term was of 16 days at a stretch. This was the very first time I had lived only on juice made of fruits and vegetables for this long. I had been drinking a glass or two of freshly squeezed juice for the last 15 years. Every. Single. Day. Fruits and vegetables are my favorite diet. But eating them in only liquid form for 16 consecutive days was an unrealistic decision or was it? When I decided to go on juicing- I had a plan but I also wanted to see how my body reacts to it and I took one day at a time. No rush or putting pressure on health and mind. The first term was most difficult as my body was not used to drinking only juice in all three meals and in between. But I stay determined and motivated. The easiest source of motivation was my friend’s wedding that I was going to attend after 16 days of Juicing. But the bigger picture was to detox my body, have a clear skin, better immune system and overall to look fresh.

Why Juicing?


  1. Detoxification: My first and foremost reason for going on juicing was to detox my body. Juicing helps to flush all kinds of toxins from your body. There are a number of strategies that have been developed especially for detox and can help eliminate various toxins through kidneys, lungs and skin. Recently I have seen breakouts on my face more than ever due to hormonal changes that some women go through as they age. I could not find any better natural way to get rid of them and get my previous clear face back.
  2. For more nutrients: These days many of us are not getting the nutrient we need from our food. Overtly cooked food, processed foods, frozen foods dominate the diets of many people making them deficient in a number of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Juicing is an excellent way to make sure you are getting all the nutrient you need for optimal health. I do not eat any red meat, I eat chicken or egg very rarely – these are the food that can give you strong hair and bones. Juicing helped me to take care of my hair without eating eggs everyday.
  3. Digestion: Not only juicing is easier and quicker way to enjoy benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, juice is also very easy to digest. Since I started juicing, I have been saving lot of time preparing solid meal. It just gave me 30 minutes extra sleeping time in the morning as I don’t have to make a ‘proper’ breakfast before going to work. And I don’t have any stomach ache, no embarrassing breaking winds in public or private, no pressure of going to toilets for number 2;)
  4. Energy: I know lot of you must be thinking how can you get energy when you are not eating ‘real’ food? Wrong. The energy you will get from drinking real juice is not some phony ‘‘high’’ you would experience from drinking some caffeine laden ‘‘energy drink’’ or coffee (it’s overrated anyway!) The vitamins and minerals that you get from juice will give you energy and stamina; is incomparable to the boost you get from energy drinks. I started feeling light from the third day onwards, see!
  5. Immune system health: We know now that just how important it is to maintain a healthy and effective immune system. The incredible number of vital nutrients you get from juicing can help your immune system functioning at its best which will greatly improve your chances of fighting off sickness and disease. I know you’ll find it hard to believe that I never have upset stomach, I don’t remember when was the last time I had fever!

How to Juicing?

During the very first term on juicing, I drank two glasses of juice in each meal. That’s it. Staying motivated and determined is the key. You will be tempted when your senses will be tickled by the aroma of your colleagues’ lunchbox or when your family members will make an attempt to distract you by eating your favorite food in front you. You have to find one good reason to remind you why you are on juicing during such moments of temptation. My immediate goal was to look good in a designer saree on my friend’s wedding in Croatia. My long-term goal was to look fresh, stay healthy and not to be physically dependent on anyone in my older days.

What to drink on Juicing?

Freshly squeezed homemade juice made of fruits and vegetables. It is important that you keep adding or alternating the fruits and vegetables you use in your juice so that it doesn’t get monotonous and this way you will enjoy the process and period on juicing rather than thinking it as a temporary phase that shall pass soon so that you can jump into all your favorite unhealthy foods.

Orange- pineapple Juice Orange- pineapple Juice. Add some carrot to it to make it more tasty and healthy juicing Kale, spinach, green apple and starwberry smooties Green smothies made of Kale, spinach, green apple, celery and raspberries Green smothies made of Kale, spinach, green apple, celery and raspberries Carrot and grapefruit juice Carrot and grapefruit juice

I drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange-carrot juice in the morning for breakfast. This is my second drink in the morning. The first being a glass of lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of honey and one large tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is my regular ritual in every morning. It was no different when on juicing, I just added one glass of green smoothie to this morning ritual and made it a complete breakfast that kept me full till mid-day. This second glass of juice for breakfast is made of baby spinach, kale leaves, some berries (any- sometimes strawberry, sometimes blueberry or sometimes raspberries), green apple and celery. Just put them all together in a juicer and blitz!


It’s all in your mind! When shared on social-media, many of my friends and acquaintances shared how they cannot go on juicing as they feel dizzy if they don’t eat anything solid. You and I are made of blood and flesh, true, but our minds function differently. That is what separates us from each other. Yes, I did feel lil weak and drowsiness on the 4th day of juicing, so instead of cheating with unhealthy foods, I came home after work and ate 200 grams of grilled chicken with some salad without any dressing. I was back on track on only juicing after that. It’s all about understanding your body how it reacts to certain food or diet plan. But it’s not impossible to do it. For most of the time on juicing I feel better, fresh and light than weak or dizzy. You can do it too!

The second term on juicing was comparatively easy as I ate solid food in one meal- an early dinner at 6pm. On the next post, I’ll be sharing the details on Juicing in second term and my experiences around it.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


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