50 days to Christmas. Looking for gift inspiration for the men in your life? Look no further than London ’s Christmas markets and fairs. Among a raft of special festive events you’ll find foodie gifts, hand-crafted pressies and usually a bit of glühwein to help you get into that merry spirit. Whether you’re shopping for a special gift or a stocking filler, London’s many Christmas markets are sure to please. Last year, during Christmas market hopping at Southbank centre, I discovered this unique men’s accessories label- Wooden Ties. It provides an excellent selection of wood ties in a range of designs and styles. My beautographer and I were instantly in love with them, so without further wasting time I bought him one because this natural wood tie uses an attractive chevron design.

Trendspotting: Men’s Wood Ties

The wood ties, are all wood-knot ties and are made using the finest wood and traditional wood-smith techniques all made in the UK. The Wooden Tie Company has been making these amazing wooden ties since 1994. We think that these Wooden Ties and Wooden Bow Ties are probably the most original and funny unique Christmas gift possible. Wearing a wood tie will always make you noticed and remembered. Although I’ve styled the woodtie on him by making him wear it on naked neck for a day out in La Boca area in Buenos Aires, Argentina during our last holiday in South America but I love the fact that how they are suitable for both formal and social occasions. Just wear it creatively and make it drool worthy! So, I’ve styled the same woodtie paired with the same shirt and chinos to create a casual-worklook-from-Thursday- Friday by making him wear it over and around the shirt collar just like the way you wear an usual tie. To keep it work appropriate, I let him keep the shirt sleeves buttoned down.

Style it for social occassions by wearing on naked neck

Trendspotting: Men’s Wood TiesTrendspotting: Men’s Wood Ties Trendspotting: Men’s Wood Ties Trendspotting: Men’s Wood Ties

Wood neck ties consist of a multiple piece design through which runs an adjustable elastic cord. This enables the wooden tie to conform to its owner’s body. Each wooden piece is connected by a single elastic cord which stretches over the wearer’s head and rests under the collar. If you try to displace one of the wooden pieces, the elastic cord will ensure that, once released, it falls back into its original position. The best part of owning an woodtie is, it has the added benefit of being foldable, like an accordion, and easy to clean and maintain.

Style it Wear your shirt tucked-in with the woodtie for a work appropriate look The adjustable elastic cord enables the wooden tie to conform to its owner's body.

Trendspotting: Men’s Wood Ties

Wood neck ties make the perfect gift all year round. The label also has a selection of wood bow ties, wooden ties for kids, wooden ties for dogs and plain wood ties so that you can design your own! As you see they are truly novel fashion accessories du season, so, make them your perfect unique gifts for the men in your life, on this Christmas!

Selection of Woodties' traditional designs Selection of Woodties' single color designs A day out in La Boca area in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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You two complement each other so well ! This handsome man could carry on different style easily.


Thank you! It’s super fun to style him always:)

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