Matching Separates | Embrace The Power Suit

My fashionistas, an overly matchy-matchy ensemble was once a potential fashion faux pas — but this summer, fashionistas were pairing matching separates together for a gorgeously cohesive and chic look. Thank goodness for evolution in the fashion industry. There are now matchy matchy tailored suits which have been created for women that allows us to keep our femininity, style, and profile all in tact.

Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit

Investing in a trendy and bold colored “power suit” for my wardrobe never needed a second opinion. But when I actually started scouring the internet to find the best one complementing my body types I had to struggle because if I had liked the color, I didn’t like its fit, when I had liked the tailoring, I probably couldn’t afford it.  Zara is always my savior in such situations. So, instead of going for a matchy complete suit, I chose matching separates from their Summer’14 collection and put together a look screaming “power dressing”. For an adventurous helicopter ride over Buenos Aires on my birthday back in September 9, I have tried this look noting the luxe factor of the moment.

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To break up this bold matchy head-to-toe style, I opted for a beige pointy brogue which I also knew would be comfortable for strutting down the runway. This two-tone pale pink & beige faux-leather envelope clutch is paired with this look to match my shoes and keeping the look toned down in contrast to the color of the suit. I brought a subtlety to this look with a little skin show in a low neck white tank top tucked in my high-waisted bottoms.

Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit

Helipads and airport runways are known for its constantly changing wind direction, keeping that in mind, I kept my hair high and tied up in a massive bun on top which just gave enough exposure to flash these beautiful two-in-one silver &  golden choker in my neck.

Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit

Matching Separates | Embrace the Power Suit

Whether it is a skirt-top or a blazer-trouser combination (like the one I’am wearing here), matching separates turned into a power-suit is undoubtedly the trend du season and is here to stay for long.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


Zara Blazer
Zara Trouser
Zara Choker
River Island Brogue
NewLook Two-tone Envelope Clutch from Asos 
Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunnies

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