My fashionistas, going for an outdoor run or brisk walk in your local park when it’s nearly 5 degrees outside might not seem like your idea of a quality time together with your partner or a friend on weekends. The treadmill offers warmth, but exercising outdoors breaks up the monotony of the gym, increases calorie burn, and can also help performance increase. For the same reason, last Saturday, my beautographer and I decided to skip the gym in the morning, instead we chose to brisk walk in the nearest park to spend a beautiful sunny Winter morning together. It is important that you are dressed-up right when working out outdoor during Winter season. This post featuring how I’ve dressed up for walking in the park on a cold yet sunny Winter morning and here I’m sharing few cold-weather tips for exercising outdoors, and you’ll find that Winter workouts aren’t as daunting as you think.

Winter Outdoor Work-out WearWhat to wear: Sure you’ll work up a sweat, but it’s important to dress warmly when exercising or just brisk walking in cold weather.

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Stretch before warm-up Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Tree pose on a Tree

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear

Top tip: Sport an athletic look by wearing your… curves, an oversized hoodie can still make you look cute and sexy.

In the Winter, it’s all about layers (like this V- neck long sleeved top). You also want to make sure that your bottom layer of clothing is moisture-wicking. To avoid overheating but still stay warm, dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than the true temperature outside. So, I have layered the look with this green jacket and paired it with a pair of stretch pants that are lightweight and have excellent wind resistance, yet are comfortably breathable. While the material didn’t withstand a simulated deluge, it did well in water repellency- fine for a light rain or a short storm.

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Instagramming and Facebooking in between

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear walk in the park_999_22 Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear

I wear black when I work out, it’s a funeral for my body fat. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun sometimes and when I do, I play with colors especially when it comes to tops or jerseys. Jacket in bright green, pants in black, long-sleeved top in black, mittens in rainbow colors, headband in multi-colors and trainers in neon coral have brought life to an otherwise grey and gloomy London Winter which surprisingly later turned out to be bright, sunny yet chilly.

I love me Sun kissed I love me Sun kissed Breath in and out Breath in and out Trusted tree pose of Yoga Trusted tree pose of Yoga

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear


Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear

This pair of neon coral Nike trainers is a proof that you can still go glam in sneakers. I also favour wearing a headband while working-out primarily because I have lots of baby hair on my forehead, this way my hair stays secured under the headband. It’s also important you find the one that actually stays on your head while running or doing your jumping jacks. I liked to color my work-out by wearing this colorful Peruvian woolen headband that is elasticated at the back. While the woolen material keeps my forehead and ear warm when working-out outdoor, the colors of the headband played match-oh-much with the jacket and trainers.

A beautiful sunny winter morning in King Edward VII Park A beautiful sunny winter morning in King Edward VII Park King Edward VII Park King Edward VII Park

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear

If you take a minute to look closely at fallen leaves you can see all sorts of intriguing evidence If you take a minute to look closely at fallen leaves you can see all sorts of intriguing evidence Time to go home Time to go home Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear Wait, go home later, let’s play monkey-monkey

Winter Outdoor Work-out WearWinter Outdoor Work-out Wear

How to warm up: It’s important to warm up before any workout -outdoors or otherwise. It can be even harder to do in cold weather; muscles feel extra tight and the last thing you want to do is brave the elements. Get blood flowing and muscles loose by warming up indoors first(preferably). This is exactly why dressing up in layers while working out outdoors is important. As your body gets warmed-up, you can adjust layers (e.g. take off the jacket) accordingly.

Winter Outdoor Work-out Wear

A happy weekend kiss! A happy work-out kiss!

So, no more excuses for avoiding your daily walk because of cold, drizzly weather. Just make sure you wear outfits claiming to be weather-resistant, looking at the fabrics for water resistance and repellency, wind resistance, sweat-wicking ability, and washability. For real-life practicality, wear comfortable-fit, judging warmth and style. These fared best.

Who says you can’t shed those extra pounds in style!

What was I wearing?

Nike Sweatpants from JD Sports

Nike Trainers from Asos

Zara V-neck Long-sleeved Top

Uniqlo Jacket

Peruvian Handcrafted Woolen Headband

Peruvian Pure Baby Alpaca Woolen Mittens

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses


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