My fashionsitas, we may still be in the deepest throes of winter in this part of the world, but the fashion world and many of you living in tropical weather have already moved into spring/summer. So in the spirit of embracing the new fashion season, it’s time to cast off the winter coats (metaphorically only…it’s obviously still freezing in London and New York ) and embrace the looks that will be emerging over the next six months. Nothing says spring like a bunch of flowers. So whether you are into giant orchids or romantic roses, designers like Alexander McQueen has them on handbags, Nicholas Kirkwood on flats and I have them on my playsuit. I sported this look in my very first springtime experience in Peru.

Petal Head Playsuit
I’d like to thank the wind for my hair’s homeless moment today

Petal Head Playsuit
The 13″ Orchid Satchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company

Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit

I remember walking (in mid-heels) for miles on the Huacachina Desert sand dunes, trying to reach the perfect spot for this shoot and feeling such a surreal emotion. Everywhere you looked was empty, apart from sand, for miles and miles. I remember walking and walking, thinking how much I wish I could type out exactly how I was feeling before I forgot, I was sort of overwhelmed with emotion and I think this has been one of our most emotional shoot because the first and last ever time I was in a desert was also the very first trip together with my partner in Jaisalmer, India, in the beginning of this millenium. So it was kind of providing psychological window into the past. We drove from Lima in the morning into the middle of nowhere, arrived at a small village called Huacachina in the Ica Region, in southwestern Peru which was the last time I saw some form of “civilisation” for hours and hours. We were hungry, hot and excited, there was nothing around, nothing except couple of restaurants with limited options in their menu. We had lunch in one of the two restaurants next to the Oasis and then headed out for the most exciting buggy ride. You can read about it all here.

Petal Head PlaysuitPetal Head PlaysuitPetal Head PlaysuitPetal Head PlaysuitPetal Head PlaysuitPetal Head Playsuit

I had a few places in Peru I wanted to shoot at and the Sand Dunes in Huacachina were on top of my list. If you have never been there, Huacachina desert is incredibly huge and called the ”Oasis of America”.

Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit

When we finally got to the Sand Dunes, I had to take a moment to take it all in and look around, such a hostile environment holding such breathtaking beauty, I couldn’t believe how extremely happy I was at that moment, even hiking up and down sand dunes in the middle of the desert under pretty bright sun and in such a hot day during uncharacteristically spring in Peru.

Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit Petal Head Playsuit

This floral print long sleeves romper playsuit in chiffon was my layer of the day for the obvious reason- it’s flirty and quirky and so spring-y (September is springtime in Peru). I love the versatility of this floral playsuit – I wore this outfit in the day time here, then to an evening event with my beautographer, then to a friend’s birthday do in the evening. I love the dramatic long cuffed sleeves, the tiny pompoms on the hemline and general boho vibe of the silhouette of the playsuit, combined with the pretty floral print on a white base (which means it’s super easy to style with neon or bright colored bags or shoes without looking weird). I know you must be already thinking how crazy I am to wear mid-heels in a desert! This outfit styled with a bright pink satchel was calling for a white strappy sandals, so I did, unapologetically! The ecstatic side of this look is to style my orchid pink Cambridge Satchel with this playsuit. I remember the pain my bestie Janja had to take to make me stop shilly-shallying and decide which pink to pick- fluro or orchid or the classic. To stay in the ‘spring has sprung’ theme, I paired this playsuit with a pair of floral print sunglasses and ornamented the deep V-neck with a triple pearl choker. Bright coral lippie has completed this look like a desert rose!

Petal Head Playsuit

Petal Head PlaysuitPetal Head PlaysuitPetal Head Playsuit

Top tip: Apply tubes of good oil sunscreen when in a desert. It locks in moisture as it protects and gives skin a subtle sheen. In addition to sun exposure, dehydration is a real risk in the desert. So don’t stop sipping from that bottle of mineral water.

What Was I Wearing?

Choies Playsuit

The Cambridge Satchel Company Orchid Pink Satchel

Asos Big Faux Pearl Choker Necklace

Asos Floral Sunnies

Marks & Spencer Strappy Mid-heels

Accessorize Rings

Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick


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oh my gosh, what beautiful photos!! I love the playsuit on you.


Thank you Diana!


I really love your dress! Good photos 😉


Thank you. Glad to hear that:)

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