I never got super passionate about mascara until I moved to London almost 7 years ago. I was more of a Kajal pencil and liquid eye-liner girl before (primarily because I was still very young to wear much make-up) and now if you ask me to choose my go-to eye make-up when I have 5 extra minutes to spend in the morning during weekdays, it has to be a single coat of brown eye shadow over the eyelid and a few strokes of mascara, off I go to work! This mascara-love has happened, thanks to all the fashionista women I see in London, every day. English women and their mascara can not be separated. It makes more sense to me now because a few strokes of mascara opens up your eyes bigger and brighter even if you have zero make-up on. Thickening and lengthening black mascara worn with a bright red lips are every woman’s favourite night-out look in London town. After all these years, I have rightfully joined this gang:)

Tried, Tested and Adored: My All Time Favourite Mascara

The perfect mascara is something of a Holy Grail in the make-up industry, and fashionistas accross the world are spoiled for choice when it comes to the selection. Not too dramatic, but then not too light, and definitely with no clumps but lots of volume. We want lengthened, defined and evenly coated lashes at the stroke of a wand. I listed my top 3 here.

Definition + Volume Smokey Eye Mascara
Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Tried, Tested and Adored: My All Time Favourite Mascara

Why I love it? This got to be the best natural looking mascara out there. Bobbi Brown’s smokey eye mascara hits all the marks for me – long, thickened lashes, practically no clumping, and seems to be long wearing. Definitely a splurge item but I don’t wish to take chances with my eyes, so I’ve been using it since it came out.

Top tip: Wear it at work for a natural look as it stays on all day. Perfect for everyday(time) use .

Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara
Lancome Paris

Lancome Paris Hypnose Dolls Eyes Mascara Lancome Paris Hypnose Dolls Eyes Mascara

Tried, Tested and Adored: My All Time Favourite Mascara

Why I love it? I have always heard good things about Lancome mascaras but I had never tried this myself until my bestie Janja gifted me one on my birthday last year and now I think this mascara is brilliant and does exactly what it says, I have naturally long eye lashes any way and using this mascara makes them look even longer and thicker, no clumps. The shape of the brush is the main reason I chose this in my list of top three mascara and it really helps. Lengthens my lashes and looks really good. The wand is particularly incredible for reaching the tiniest of lashes.

Top tip: Apply it to add a bit more oomph and volume for a night out.

High Impact Mascara

Clinique High Impact Mascara Clinique High Impact Mascara

Tried, Tested and Adored: My All Time Favourite Mascara

Why I love it? I keep coming back to this mascara, As it’s name says it the impact is amazing, the combination of the product and price can not be beat by any other.This is the only mascara I went back to use after trying so many different mascaras from so many different brands! This one has the best value and the best price!! I was not a big fan of it when I first tried, but by comparing different mascaras I have used I realised that this one is the best of the best. It coats my lashes as the way I want and it really makes my eyes standout.

Top tip: It does wonders to every eye lash type (unless you use to much, of course). When using the brush correctly it volumizes, lenthens as it spreads your lashes out. If you put on a lot at once when its not dry it will clump and look bad. So,be careful with the amount you use!


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I have already try the Lancôme one and it’s very good!


Glad to know that Alina:)

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