This is a message I’d like to send out to all wanting to visit Honolulu, Hawaii in 2015 or whenever you want. If you did not put the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki located in the heart of Waikiki on your list, you need to check-in yourself ASAP. No lie. One of the BEST HOTELS IN THE OAHU ISLAND is the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki.

Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

Reception area Such a cosy lounge to lazing around while sending you all quick update on Facebook and Instagram
Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii
Exterior of the hotel at night


For our first three days in Oahu island in Hawaii , we called the Shoreline Waikiki Hotel home. It is a modern boutique hotel with classic island-chic style, just minutes from the beach and upscale shopping. Although I have to be honest and admit that not even in my wildest dreams had I thought that when we wrote to them about our upcoming anniversary holiday in one of the most exotic islands in the world, they would not only like to host us but also offered us fairly discounted price and in fact upgraded our reservation into a luxurious junior suite on the 14th floor of the hotel with ocean view that I’d ever dream of staying in like this luxurious space. The room, its space, the king-size bed, the queen-size pull-out sofa, the ocean view, the toilet and thoughtfully detailed toiletries, the service, the relaxing drinks at the reception, and on and on- every single element of this hotel is just an amazing experience waiting to happen.

Our suite number 1424. 1424=11=1+1=2 of us After 2 flights in 28 hours, this is where you would want to dive into

Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

Welcome note Hand written Hawaiian welcome

Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

The queen-size pull out sofa Snow white bathroom just like we like it to be

Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

Pick a word of two like an Islander from the sticking notes on the flat-on  Air Conditioners

Of course the big things at the Shoreline Waikiki get all the attention. The fact that it is literally steps away from world class shopping and dining, just a leisurely stroll to the world famous Waikiki beach, even the suite we stayed in partially overlooks the ocean and has full exposure to glorious sunlight, is truly just the beginning. Award-winning architect Anthony Laurino has infused all their rooms with chic modern touches like Wegner wingback chairs. The beds are like sleeping on clouds. What I love most is the toilets with truckload of towels- you can basically use a separate towel to dry out every single part of your body- this was very useful as lazing on the beach all day makes you bath in abundance of sand which comes with you to your hotel room not knowingly. So, cleaning to your hearts content becomes easier with all these available towels to your comfort. The daily organic calming detox drink discoveries kept on the reception are an education in culinary delights. Breakfast in the Heavenly cafe Shoreline Waikiki is on another level (see pictures below). Then we have the staff. Each and every staff member were warm and always there to help whether to provide you with an extra beach towel or even calling a taxi cab in a jiffy. They are, in fact, in the game of anticipating your every move and they do it oh so well.

Partial view of Waikiki from the balcony One of the breakfasts we had at Heavenly Cafe Our morning detox obsession continues with a glass of fresh green smoothies made of kale, spinach, celery and avocado and a glass of carrot-orange juice Acai bowl with tropical fruits Organic veggie and beans loco moco

At the Shoreline Waikiki, you walk nowhere. The hotel is situated in the heart of the downtown Waikiki amidst designer outlets and fine-dine restaurants that walks you up from the beach straight up to the reception. They’ve made sure your first encounter with the island of Oahu is an unforgettable moment, indeed.

On checking-in into our suite, we found a hand written welcome message with a beach-kit containing towels, sun-protection lotions, after sun-burn care gel cream, water bottles to keep you hydrated when on the beach and also complimentary coffee/tea etc. During our stay, I could be found laying on the beach, photographing, collecting contents for the blog, reading Elle or Vogue while sipping a glass of Scratch Mai Tai or laying by our suite’s balcony. Seriously, it was a high on adrenaline three days. I will say that if you visit and do not watch the Sun going down from the balcony overlooking the pacific ocean, you are missing out on one of the best moment in the house. The rest, I’ll leave for you to discover for yourselves.

Partial view of Waikiki from the balcony Partial view of Waikiki's skyscrappers from the balcony Shoreline Waikiki Hotel- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

There is probably nothing I would change about this hotel except the Heavenly cafe could keep their service open until midnight at least because the first night when we arrived after 11pm, we had to go out to eat, since we were exhausted and hungry to the most but was not in a spirit to go out to eat, my beautographer went out and got us something to bite, thanking our lucky stars that the hotel is right in the downtown Waikiki- finding a place to eat late at night may not be a nightmare. To us, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has hit the nail on the head. Their package is perfection and I have to admit that the manager, Alvida Surpia- Jones writes warmest email. If it’s my way, I’m going to need a week a year here, every year. Oh please universe, let’s make that happen!

Here’s every picture you ever need to see. Ok, not every picture. There’s so much to discover here and I didn’t want to give it ALL away.

Mahalo for this gesture, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, Joie de Vivre Hotels Group!


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Great post – looks like you had a great stay at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. Will have to stay there next time in town.


Ye, we highly recommend it. Thank you for reading the post. Much appreciated!

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