My fashionistas, there is a common belief by skin care experts that it’s helpful to change skin care products (and brands) because either the skin can get used to products after a while of using them and they no longer work, or simply to give your skin something new. And why not? We change our wardrobe, de-clutter our house, change jobs (ok! not every season, may be!), eat seasonal fruits and veggies then why not apply the same rule for our skin?

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As for it being helpful to give your skin a change by switching to different products, I do believe it is helpful to use certain ingredients on your skin depending on season (more antioxidant-based products are needed in the summer and possibly lighter weight products, moisturizer with SPF) and to expose your skin to different benefits that ingredients can offer. I personally like to change up 2-3 products in my skin care routine every change of season, primarily because my skin has different needs, but also to give my skin a bit of everything. This is a well-rounded approach that I find beneficial…so, keep scrolling down to know what all skin care products I have converted into for the Spring-Summer 2015.

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I do not write a review unless it’s sponsored, but I had to with this product. I have been using Estee Lauder’s Nigh Repair serum for 5+ years, I don’t know particularly whether the results are great or not as I was younger in anyways plus I take good care of what goes inside my body- meaning I eat moderately healthy on a regular day, I exercise 3-4 times a week (which means I flush out toxins from my body by sweating it out) and said ‘no’ to booze long ago unless it’s my birthday or I’m on holiday(after all you have to try the local wine, right!) or partying with people I like truly which is very rare. But as I become older, I noticed expression lines (yes, those smiles for pictures!). I don’t care much about wrinkles though, blessings of having oily skin, you see! All I cared is to have a fresh looking skin sans the spots gained from monstrous break-outs every month due to hormonal changes. I never had them actually when I shoud have had in my teenage years or even in early 20’s. But since last 4 to 5 years, I will have one or two giant sized zits around chin area or on the side of my lower cheek. I read and researched. The findings are once-monthly spots that overtook my chin were the result of not-so-stable hormones- breakouts in this area indicate when you are ovulating (and on which side). Consolation! There were some that were fairly deep on my lower chin, that no matter what I used, they wouldn’t go away immediately and by the time they start making their way out, the cycle revisits and I have one more uninvited guest on my cheek or chin. Then I discovered PREVAGE Anti-ageing + Intensive Repair Daily Serum. How? I go to Elizabeth Arden‘s counter at John Lewis, Oxford street, London for a facial almost in every month. The beauty expert there are very friendly and always come up with best suggestions for your skintype without sounding a pushy salesperson. During one of those facial- spa time, she suggested me to try this Serum. I have been using their day and night cream from their basic range since 2010, never tried the PREVAGE. Obvious to the fact that you can buy a slick gold chain with the same amount of money you would spend to buy this serum and if you happen to be one of them to convert into their entire skin-care range, let me warn you, it will be way more expensive than a third hand car in the UK. I’m serious! Going back to where we were, during the facial, the ski-care specialist (at the Elizabeth Arden John Lewis, Oxford Street, London) used the PREVAGE serum on me and the glow on my skin lasted for a week even though it was used only once. I made up my mind. As soon as it’s the top-up time of my daily night cream and serum, I headed out to John Lewis again and met my favourite beauty expert there. Keeping in mind that how much I can afford to spend on one skincare product in a month, she suggested I should go for the serum only and may be again next month I can buy the night cream because she assured me that I will receive gifts worth £400 from the same range which can be used sparingly until I am ready to spend again. YAYYY! The perk of choosing quality product- I got a travel size night cream, day cream, an additional intensive serum, one extra day cream in tube, a cleanser and a gift voucher to claim another cleanser in the next 2 months whenever I am ready- all from the same range- PREVAGE, beautifully packaged in a silver travel bag. Isn’t that awesome?

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PREVAGE is strong, so I use the day cream in the morning and only use the serum at night with the night moisturizer from the same range followed by the eye cream. I use the PREVAGE cleanser most of the time, but still have my Clinique liquid facial soap as the first step in Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System. Although Prevage is branded as anti-ageing products, but I was told by the Elizabeth Arden skin-care experts that they will be suitable for all women between the age group from 25 to 65. And for a change, this is probably one of the few products that works beautifully for all skin types.

PREVAGE Privilege Club

This is the best side of converting into this skin-care religion- PREVAGE Privilege Club membership. Being a member of this prestige club gives you access to a range of special benefits. How it works? Very simple. You get a loyality card from the brand and everytime you purchase a PREVAGE product at the same participating Elizabeth Arden counter, you will receive a stamp. These stamps = rewards= freebies. One more Yayyyy!

PREVAGE seriously works and is worth the money. I am free of discolouration as a result of break-out, daily stress and environmental damage (remember all the holidays I have been to left my skin to too much exposure to the Sun)!!! Thank goodness.


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