”When I got my back up against the wall
Don’t need no one to rescue me
Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle
Yeah, tonight I’m running free
Into The Blue, Into The Blue
With nothing to lose, Into the blue”

Kylie Minogue

Ever thought of disappearing into nature whether is to get the feel of being ‘alike’ or hide from danger? I have and that is why, I got me into blue and white to blend into a place looking like somewhere that has fallen out of a Picasso painting from his infamous blue period. I visited Morocco’s Chefchaouen in December last year. This blue town has existed since 1471. It’s medina, or old town, has been painted blue and white since the 1930s, when Jewish refugees arrived in the town. Believing blue to represent the sky and heaven, they began painting some walls blue. A full-fledged blogpost on this turquoise gem in the crown of the Moroccan Kingdom was published last week here. Into the blue

Into the blue Into the blue Blend in visually, this depends a lot on the place. Chefchaouen’s blue town was that background to snapshot my imagination. Clothing that matched this surroundings worked well as did a pop of color that does draw the eye without distracting much your attention. For this look, I picked up bits and pieces from high-street to online retailers, from my own design to accessories from Indian designers. I wore an outfit that is basically a few separates put together- a bralet, a beach cover-ups and a flowy chiffon maxi dress. I know who would guess that it’s not even an one piece dress until I say so! Putting this look together was one of my favourite styling moments. This looks almost dreamy to me. I had envisaged this look against the blue washed walls and fairytale lookalike houses and shops of this dream-like blue town and it translated beautifully into a poetic style statement. Unapologetically, I am going to announce, this is one of my favourite looks conceptualised by me.

Into the blue

Into the blue

Into the blue

Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue

I styled this blue & white look with this color-blocked Iqba clutch having pom pom stitched in the metal chain. Long soft curls set with a thin flower crown have complemented this Moroccan version of a Cindrella look well, I reckon. A relaxing walk through the old town of Chefchaouen is awestrucking but can take its toll on your feet. So I opted for a flat ballerina-ish pair known as Moojris. Will you believe this was bought 10 years ago? I don’t, but it’s true. Another jewel of this look is the neckpiece that I bought from Peru during my visit last year. I am not sure how many of you already know that with Peru being the second largest producer of ‪‎silver‬ in the world and home country to many talented jewellery ‪craftsman‬ and ‪‎designers‬, I had to get one in my collection. It is a piece of jewellery with a meaning. A twofold treat ring from one of my favourite modern yet classic Indian jewellery designer Zariin has been the real treat to this look.

Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue Into the blue

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Bralet

Choies Blue Gardient Maxi Skirt

Maxi Cover-ups by Tanusree (That’s Me!)

Flower crown from Covent Garden Market, London

Peruvian Silver Necklace with copper, turquoise and dumortierite from an independent Silver Jeweller in Pisac Market, Sacred Valley, Peru

Zariin Twofold Treat Ring from Love For Pretty Things (They are best in customer service, my fashionistas, so shop from them, if you like their edit. I am not paid to write this, recommending from my own experience)

Iqba Clutch from an Indian designer (Can’t give the name as I have had the worst shopping experience with this designer)

Moojris (shoes) from Janpath, New Delhi, India.


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