I very, very nearly called this look ”back to school” on the pretend premise that it involved a white shirt, a pinafore dress and a pair of sneakers. Really though, I was chuckling to myself at the irony of naming such a deeply cute outfit on an adult after an integral part of life- childhood, to almost unanimously best time of your life. Then I realised that the pinafore dress, polka dot headscarf, rucksack and these Nike kicks are basically a comfy combo for going hiking in style and my already lame joke doesn’t even make sense. “Pinafore (child’s) Play” is a far, far more logical name for this look thanks to the fact that it does make me look ever so slightly like an overgrown toddler.

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by those that take your breath away.”  - Let me point at the breathtaking Machu Picchu

Pinafore Play

Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play

Good shoes & socks take you to great places Each fresh peak ascended teaches something- Anonymous

I don’t know what it is about put-in-your-pocket cute pieces that I have such a weakness for. Certainly not their ability, or lack thereof, to appeal to members of the opposite sex. Recent outfit posts have seen me exploring more holiday apt attire on an increasingly regular basis. Take this cut-out swimsuit post for instance, or these dreamy maxi skirt flares. But when it comes down to dressing up on the day of visiting one of the 7th wonders of the world – Machu Picchu (did you read our post on it yet?), comfort was the key (don’t ignore the endless walking/hiking it involves climbing up and down the rocky mountainous roads and walkaways), a monochrome outfit with a pinafore dress and white shirt styled with a splash of color – this super spongy kicks and quirky flying elephant socks were my sartorial kryptonite. For all the sass that ass lifting sweatpants or a navel grazing neckline might provide, there’s certainly comfort in what you know and definitely in what you know will be comfortable for you. Plus, isn’t one of the very best things about the fashion’s hugely varied offering today the fact that you can totally switch up your look whenever the mood takes you or the occasion calls for it?

Counting my blessings for this lifetime opportunity of visiting Machu Picchu Remembering the words of Victor Hugo, ''To contemplate is to look at shadows'' The unfathomable beauty of Machu Picchu brings out the yogi in you, literally;) Someone always say that one thing I want to say, before me, even this one-  ''Not all those who wander are lost.'' Yes, I too often wondered why do Asians show the peace sign while posing in front of a popular tourist attraction! So, tried one myself pour le premiere fois...still wondering;) The only time looking behind was worth because you are in front of the magnificent Machu Picchu is

This Pinafore play for a day trip to the Machu Picchu has certainly ticked the ‘comfort’ box until I returned to hotel and discovered small red dots all over my legs which resembled bites of some unknown mountain bugs, and, I didn’t even feel it! One word of caution: When visiting Machu Picchu, please do wear outfits covering your legs. Machu Picchu is known to be mysterious and now, to me, with the secretly gained stings all over my legs, it has proven to be mysterious to the fullest. Also, make sure you keep slapping sunscreen in every two hours, on each part of your body exposed to the sun. The reason being so, although we arrived to partly cloudy skies in the early morning, the Sun shone bright later in the day and it gave me the weirdest tan ever, in fact my burnt out copper coloured skin started shedding off after couple of days. The Sun was playing hide & seek throughout the day resulting awful lot of photographs shot in pathetically low light; we struggled, undecided and failed to settle with one particular mode for our camera; nothing seemed to be decent enough. Apologies for these photos. Saying ”no” to photoshop is a conscious decision we made long ago, hence, the sole opportunity to rectify the error by editing is, no more an option, I will have to swallow my sorrow and share these photos shot in the worst possible light that is nothing short of a nightmare even for two amateur photo lovers (yes, we are not photographers, we capture moments and emotions, along the way gorgeous landscapes when travelling abroad, so we don’t ever wish to ruin them on editing table) like us with a decent DSLR in hand.

Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play

Super kicks Home for a bottle of water, sunscreen, an umbrella, touch-up kit and my wallet

Do you have certain styles you can’t help but go back to? I’d love to hear about your style weaknesses, if only to make me feel better about my own! Seriously! Pinafore for a 30+ woman?! I’ve done it all;) Drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say. (And enjoy these photos below!)

Pinafore Play Pinafore Play

Pinafore Play

A kiss from the majestic Machu Picchu...for you all

Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play Pinafore Play

No, jumping in the premises of Machu Picchu is not allowed. I forgot the risk for a moment, took the jump because it's what I wanted, so it was worth it all Oh Yeah!  Jumping is still PROHIBITED in Machu Picchu;)

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Pinafore Dress

Zara White Shirt

Nike Trainer from Asos

Polka Dot chiffon Head scarf from Spitafields Market London

Newlook Rucksack

India Circus Flying Elephant Socks

Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses


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