Newbuy: Comfortable & Cosy Sleepwear

Marks & Spencer or Debenhams have long been a reliable source for sexy lingerie for me, but often their sleepwear selection may not be just as extensive. I was in the market for some new sleepwear and since I own a couple of those sexy nighties, I was certain on what I was not actually looking for.  Although the chemises hug me in all the right places and, is as comfortable as wearing those worn-in sweats but sometimes when I don’t want to feel the least bit sexy, I want to wear comfortable sweatpants or shorts and cosy t-shirts to bed night after night. Since weekends always seem ideal for staying in bed longer, I thought it would be nice to share some of the pieces I’ve bought (from TK Maxx) recently without breaking my bank account. Oh! A good pair of soothing socks by Calvin Klein worn in my freshly moisturised feet adds up to my sweet little dreams while asleep.

Newbuy: Comfortable & Cozy Sleepwear

I narrowed down my newbuy – comfortable and cosy sleepwear to two categories: the pyjama-t-shirt and the boyshort-t-shirt combo.

1. Marilyn Monroe Intimate Black and White Striped Pyjama (£9.99) – this pant is light and breathable, and I love this pink lace trim on this everyday staple.

2. Pretty Polly Pink Leopard Print T-shirt (£7.99), showcasing a brush cotton body enriched with cashmere for luxurious comfort. This soft piece is equipped with a deep pocket in the front for greater versatility- I love the pink leopard print for a dramatic colour pop.

Newbuy: Comfortable & Cozy Sleepwear

3. Sleepwear set by Tom Franks (£12.99)- In Summer, I usually sleep in boyshorts and this set is cute and comfortable.

Newbuy: Comfortable & Cozy Sleepwear

4. Calvin Klein 3 pair socks set (£5.99)- My nightime skin-care routine involves moisturizing my hand and feet and afterwards I always slip into a pair of simple socks in ankle length and this set is one of my favorites. Wearing socks after applying lotions prevents it from absorbing it by your bedsheet and this practice actually keeps your feet soft and fresh looking.

Newbuy: Comfortable & Cozy Sleepwear Newbuy: Comfortable & Cozy Sleepwear

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