Hello September! It’s my favourite month of the year, no price for guessing, it’s my birthday month! Yayyy! I have had the craziest shopping frenzy in August putting a dent on my wallet, so I wanted to share some of things that I have added recently to my make-up kit. I have been so busy planning a capsule wardrobe for our next voyage du 2015 (it’s just round the corner, how time flew!) that I realized its been a while since I just had fun with makeup. Other than topping up the usual ones I use regularly, I had the chance to go upto the make-up counter at Selfridges, Boots, Topshop and John Lewis in Oxford Street London over this long weekend to see what new goodies are in the stores and what looks fun to try. So, after a fun day of shopping and getting excited about so many new items that are au courant, I have a lot of things I can’t wait to share with you!

Lancome Hypnose Dolls Eyes Mascara, Topshop Lip Liners in Disco and Wheels on the Fire, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard and Charlotte Tilbury Cheat Eye pencil and Bedroom Black liquid eye pencil

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Lancôme Hypnose Dolls Eyes

If you have read my top 3 mascara review here, you know already how besotted I’m with this one. So, I had to top this up as the older one was drying out. This mascara has a plumping agent to them to allow your eye lashes to look their voluminous best without any clumps.

Lancome Hypnose Dolls Eyes Mascara

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Since Lancôme products are available at Boots, I prefer to buy them from the big store on Bond Street as I get to accumulate some points on my Boots membership card. Who doesn’t like some brownie points (to use later to buy some more items for free), eh?

Price: £22.50 (There is an on-going offer at Boots at the moment: if you buy two products of Lancôme, you get a gift set free with lipstick, blush, eye make-up remover and many other things from the same brand, worth buying!)

Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil

I don’t know what took me this long to get my hands on this ‘best-thing-ever’ iconic liquid eyeliner pencil by Charlotte Tilbury. I actually went to buy their Eye Cheat pencil which is basically your cheat sheet to get bigger and brighter eyes. True to its advertising punch line, ”It really is brilliant at ‘opening’ up the eye and amazingly stays all day even though it is worn by the water line”. I love the texture of the Rock ‘N’ Kohl pencils so much that I couldn’t resist from getting me the Bedroom Black too from their collection. I had to top-up my black kohl pencil I wear by Bobbi Brown. I changed my mind after trying these pencils, they are called liquid pencils, don’t know why but they are actually your usual eye pencils which glides so smoothly, can be as sooty and smoky as you want them to be. By liquid, I reckon, they meant the texture that can go right between the lashes with ease and blend out effortlessly. Sorry, Bobbi Brown longwear Kajal Pencil, I have got a new favourite!

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Roll Liquid Eye Pencil in Cheat Eye and Bedroom Black

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Price: £19.00 (Selfridges London is where I usually buy most of my make-up items, this was no exception)

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer- Custard

I miss a certain individuality when it comes to makeup. Beauty trends get picked up so widely now on social media, and you see more and more people with a similar makeup flow. No wonder I find everyone looking the same in their Instagram selfies, in fact I once asked a blogger if she and her blogging partner (works under same brand) are twins, stupid of me to ask but found out they are best friends. Thanks to make-up techniques like contouring and strobing, every other women manage to look the same on their blog these days. Sad state! I’m a huge fan of soft and natural and having all of the essentials down, but when it’s all said and done, I despise the idea of being too much of a serious Sally when it comes to makeup. I am an old-school who thinks the job of make-up is to enhance your natural beauty, not to change the dimension, shape and feature of your face completely. I never used a concealer before, can you believe it? I didn’t feel the need to ‘conceal’ anything on my face in spite of having an inherited pinnochio nose and the monthly break-out I may have as a result of hormonal changes. Having said that, I also understand that our face is three dimensional so applying foundation in a single tone will only make my face appear flat. Adding a highlighter to areas of my face that would usually catch light but create enough shadow to emphasize my jaw line and cheekbones. So, I reached out to the ‘best’ concealer and coveted by all beauty bloggers and make-up artists- Nars Radiant creamy concealer. I opted for the shade Custard as it is one shade lighter than the my actual skintone, this will give me the right amount of highlight on the areas it is needed. What it also does is, it creates a softer and smoother complexion while instantly obscuring imprefections, diminishing fine lines and signs of fatigue.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - Custard

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Price: £22.00 (I tried this on at Selfridges London, the Nars counter there ran out of stock, so had to walk down to John Lewis to purchase. Good that I did, I got some points on my John Lewis membership card)

Topshop Lip Liners

This was the only budget buy from this make-up haul. I decided to branch out and purchase some different lip liners other than Estée Lauder and Mac Cosmetics (only lip liners I had in my collection) and I love these. I was eyeing on Urban Decay lip liners for some bright shades like pink and orange. The Urban Decay store at House of Fraser too ran out of stock of the shades I was looking for, so my second and cheaper best bet was on Topshop. The shades I purchased were Wheels on Fire (tomato red to orange-ish) and Disco (vivid fuschia). While Wheels on Fire will be perfect to wear with my orange lipstick- Infrared by the same brand, for the best usage of Disco will be to wear with my most favourite pink lipstick –Dior 565. These liners are easy to blend, long-lasting definition and give high coverage.

Topshop Lip Liners in Wheels on the Fire and Disco

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Price: £5.00 (Topshop Oxford Street is the place I bought them from)

Top tip: If you are topping-up the make-up items you have already used, you can easily buy them online. I personally prefer to buy my make-up products in-store, I like to try them on first and then purchase. The advantage of walking in to a store is, you get to try on new items that came in the market, how it helps is, you might end up liking them more than the one you are already using.

August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop August Make-up Haul: Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme , Nars & Topshop

Phew…so many new and exciting products. I have had a sinful month of shopping in August when it comes to Shoegasm- four new pairs!!! Those of you following me on Facebook and Instagram. already have seen the shoes I bought recently. As always, I hope you are happy, healthy and safe! It’s time for me to get back to finish packing, scheduling up the blogposts for next week when I’ll be away on holiday.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


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