Yes, I heard, summer is over and it’s back to rainy-day-and-grey-sky time! I am still not in the mood at all for wearing socks and chunky sweaters. It’s so strange to see summer leaving so soon. Just like if it was slipping through your fingers. I couldn’t even finish sharing all the summer looks I had planned. I took so many photos during all our trips, but as I’m also working full-time on my day job plus sharing cooking and travel stories here as well, I haven’t managed to publish many outfit posts yet. So what I’m thinking about is making summer last a little bit longer here on the blog, at least for one month more. If I prioritise the blogposts to be published featuring outfits and accessories, it will be just enough time before the boots and coats to become an absolute necessity!

Behind me is the view of the entire Cuzco city

Touch of Bohemian

This Peruvian Banjara Style Shoulder Bag pretty much fits all your essentials including one set of sleepwear if you are backpacking

Touch of Bohemian

These photos were shot during our voyage in Peru. For a day out in Cuzco- the capital of Inca empire, I wore a printed harem pants with a kaftan sleeved crop top in black and styled it with colorful accessories. Jewelleries, bags, shoes combined together‎‬ emphasize your personal style, taste, and preferences when it comes to personal style. It is the details catch your attention when you first decide whether you like a look or not. An antique silver necklace with turquoise and gamcha print bangles and headband have added the touch of bohemian to this look. A side sling gypsy bag in Peruvian motif presented that endless opportunities to blend into the bohemian vibe of a voyager. Mirrored aviators and bohemian looks are best buddies, how could I not incorporate it in this look! Finally, a pair of Jaipuri Jooti has not only complemented this outfit but also doubles up the comfort quotient.

Touch of Bohemian Touch of Bohemian

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Top

Harem Pant from Janpath, New Delhi, India

Jaipuri Jooti (slippers) from Janpath, New Delhi, India

Antique Silver Necklace from Portobello Road, London

Gamcha Print Bangles and Headband from Jatra, Bangladesh

Peruvian bag from Pisac Market, Sacred Valley, Peru


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