As you probably know we set off for a new destination in every quarter year, which has been amazing but for now I’m really happy to be back at home for the next few weeks to catch up on work and preparation for our next voyage. We have a lot to get done here, plus we have to prepare for the upcoming festivals and London India Fashion Week which promises to be very busy. But before I share more on that, here’s one of my looks from our last voyage in Russia.

Warm-up to WhiteWarm-up to White Warm-up to White Warm-up to White

Warm-up to White Warm-up to White Warm-up to White

One of my favorite things to do in summer (which is gone in many parts of the world by now) is to lighten up my looks a little bit. It’s not comfortable to wear too many heavy layers when the Sun is shining bright, so the lighter the better—and I’m not just talking about fabric! Outfits with touch of white complements the sunny environment perfectly. It kind of give off this youthful energy, but its appearance is also quite sophisticated and chic. What’s not to love about that especially when the last three days of our stay in Saint Petersburg were filled with full dose of sunshine allowing me to wear the midi dresses I was carrying without adding any layer to it.

The gorgeous Catherine's Palace in Pushkin is shining in its full glory on a bright sunny and equally warm day in early September allowing me going girly in a summer dress

Warm-up to White Warm-up to White Warm-up to White Warm-up to White IMG_7193 Warm-up to White

Kiss to you all:)

When there isn’t too much variety in my color palette (which is rare), I always think it’s important to make sure that the texture, fabrics and cut of the clothing are different, to keep it from looking too boring! The look and feel of this structured stripe midi rib with cut out details is perfection. The stretchy material lets my skin breathe easily and the stripe detailing down lines up perfectly with my curvy body. I love how it creates this beautiful illusion of continuity from one piece to the other. To continue this overall harmony in the outfit, accessories go a long way. This white mini satchel goes really well with my favorite pair of converse, making them the ideal choice to complete this summer ensemble! They complement each other, but they also don’t take away the attention from all the subtle detailing on the dress, which is so important to me. Lastly, I added a straw fedora hat to this look because hats are effortless all-season sophistication at its finest.

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Dress

Converse Sneakers

Zara Mini Satchel

Michael Kors Watch

Asos Straw Fedora Hat

Ray-ban Aviator


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Orange and white is a lovely combination 🙂


Glad to see you thought the same, hun @thesilenthummer

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