Terracotta Tones

On our second day in Moscow, we visited the enchanting Kolomenskoye estate museum park and I can honestly say that there is no other place in the city quite like it. It is one of the most ancient places of human habitation within modern Moscow. There is an infinite warmth of Russian history and architecture to this palace and the entire estate park that made it feel ethereal, as though it came straight out of the pages of history books. Needless to say, it was hard saying goodbye. It will be an injustice if we don’t share more details with pictures proving its worth in a full-fledged post, until then enjoy this post featuring a look I sported on that day with a good bit of seasonal tomfoolery along the way playing with falling leaves and posing next to Birch trees.

Terracota TonesTerracota TonesTerracota TonesTerracota Tones

When our Russian friend Marina pointed out that Birch trees have always been a strong symbol of Russian culture and are often associated with female characters in fairy tales, songs, folklore, I realise some friends have the same qualities of a Birch tree. So when in Russia, be a Russian, pose with your local friend next to a Birch tree!

Terracota Tones Terracota Tones Terracota Tones Terracota Tones

This long printed dress that I chose to wear from Zara is the epitome of everything I love about it. It is so chic, classy and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for the early autumn weather in Moscow! I could wear it everyday, whether I’m lounging at home or hanging out with friends in the city. The reason why I’ve titled this post Terracotta tones is because Zara has named it so. Patently, the dress has all the possible shades of a Terracotta orange color palette and it’s written  AUTUMN all over it!

Terracota Tones

Terracota Tones Terracota Tones Terracota Tones Terracota Tones

As always, versatility is key! Even a chiffon printed dress can be versatile. The length of this dress is not something you see often as it finishes somewhere between the bottom of the kneecap and the bottom of the calf. I’m really happy about this little long-ish midi dress- an emerging trend making a comeback. I really like the endless possibilities this dress has to offer  as far as styling is concerned and felt that pairing it with a slick black leather belt enhances the sophistication of the dress and gives a definition to your waistline. Teaming it up with a woolen hat makes it appropriate to wear in colder months. When it was getting rather chilly in the evening, I layered it on with a faux-fur jacket from the same brand. I chose to wear this high gladiator sandals in black to match them up with my hat and belt. By the time we were in Moscow, summer was fading away from this part of the world, so was my scepticism about sporting a high gladiator sandals- one of the most prominent trends of last summer.  So, here I’m, embracing this retro-futuristic shoes keeping my scepticism aside. They are without a doubt one of the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned!

In the Klomenskoye park- where you find architecture from different eras in an open-air museum
In the Klomenskoye park- where you find architecture from different eras in an open-air museum
I love Moscow
I love Moscow

I’ve finished off the look with this brown messenger bag. It is not only match-oh-much to this Terracotta dress but also ensures that I can match them with the rest of my wardrobe without having to think twice about if the colors and style clash with the outfit. Unanimously, a brown leather messenger bag is a must-have in your wardrobe and this particular one from Primark is obviously a knockoff of a trendy, high-end designer bag.

The impeccable combination of terracotta dress and all black accessories sans the messenger bag had me right on the money for sightseeing in style and I can see it being a regular in my  vogue arsenal.

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Long Printed Dress

Zara Faux Fur Jacket

Primark Bag

Asos Gladiator Sandals

H&M Hat

H&M Belt

Zariin Bracelet

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