Who else is guilty of not doing their Christmas shopping yet? I know many! Couple days ago, a friend of mine requested me to share my last minute Christmas gift ideas, she didn’t have to ask twice. It could have been earlier than this! Well it’s been a hectic couple of weeks with wrapping up works before holidays start, packing for our next voyage next week, working on and scheduling blogposts, and keeping up with Christmas spirit in our beloved London . You might be thinking it’s a touch too late to be giving ideas about Christmas presents, well it absolutely isn’t! There will be some of you just like my friend who started panicking just about now because they have lots and lots to get. Even Christmas might be close for some of you but we still have a weekend and a few days next week especially Boxing Day Sale (yayyyy!), so browse away and hopefully there’ll be a little bit of inspiration here for you!

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

This gift guide pretty much doubles up as my Christmas shopping list (even though I kept anything I bought over £50 out of this list). Although these days I mostly shop online to avoid the crowd but Christmas in London is always a special treat. As evening falls, the capital is magically transformed into a winter wonderland. Shoppers crowd up the streets under a canopy of holiday lights while musicians take to the squares and market corners, filling the air with songs of happy golden days of yore. How could I not join this party, and shop in store! So, as I did pop up at the stores (TK Maxx and John Lewis are my favourites for homeware items) for a few times and returned home with some goodies. I wanted to share my list with you and help make your holiday shopping faster and smoother. I have purposefully kept clothes and shoes out of this list to avoid making it a never-ending post. And as an added bonus, all these last minute holiday gifts are under £50! Who doesn’t love saving money?

Make A Note: Journal, Notebook and Planner

I’m all about organization, so these are great planners for students or those who prefer to write down their plans and to-do list. The covers are all definitely a conversation starter, because they’re all thoughtful! I’m all for pretty pink, white, golden and grey details.

Gratitude Journal, notebook and planner from TK Maxx Gratitude Journal, notebook and planner from TK Maxx

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

I personally liked the Gratitude journal- a journal to write things you are ”grateful” for. This is an especially good idea for anyone who’s a bit stressed or struggling to do something they want passionately. Every night before you go to bed, write down something that happened that day that you’re thankful for. Noticing the good will make you forget the bad, you’ll start to feel better and I can promise you, your priorities and preference in life will change. This blog helps me in the same way but since I can’t get to blog everyday, I would prefer having this next to my bedside table to count my blessings. I picked up a pair for the beautographer and myself and going to express our gratitude every morning and night from the very first day of 2016. You can never be too grateful.

As you know we travel a lot, the tiny On The Go notebook will be travelling with me everywhere to take quick notes about a historical place or a sudden creative idea popping into my head.

Terrifying Tableware and Classic Homeware

If you want to get something more useful, something you can use on daily basis then opt for tableware or homeware items.

An antique wooden or steel silver metallic tray is another great gift idea. It’s practical and everyone always needs another tray on the kitchen table.

Trays from TK Maxx Trays from TK Maxx

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

A few scented candles are another most popular gift items not only at this time of the year but also all year round. But my favourite ones are those come decorated in an embellished pot. They double hat as make-up brush or cotton buds holder after the candle is finished burning.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Scented candles and Coasters from TK Maxx/ Wall or Door Hangers from Camden Lock Market

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

These candles are also an elegant gift because of its intricate details on the pot.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

An elegant set of beaded coasters are the perfect accessory for your christmas lunch/dinner table.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

Nail it with O.P.I All Stars Mini Nail Lacquer Set

For your female friend who loves manicure, this is a great gift set! There are four different colors, two of them are matte and the other two are glitter polish which is PERFECT for the holidays. I personally love OPI because their polishes are super opaque and they don’t chip easily. They are sold at several places-both online and in-store; from their online store to TK Maxx, Beautybay and Debenhams.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

Paint it with Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Set

Sadly Estee Lauder’s Make Up Artist Collection gift set (in picture) is now sold out. This was my smartest (financially) make-up buy this year because only on Black Friday Deal can you get your hands on almost £300 of Estee Lauder beauty for just £50. Amazing…yes! This set has products cost £290 which was out there for you to grab just for £54 (Lets overlook that 4 quids). But it’s still worth checking out Estee Lauder for some amazing make up gift sets for under £50.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

With such packaging, you save time and money on wrapping with fancy papers and ribbons With such packaging, you save time and money on wrapping with fancy papers and ribbons

This biggest and most beautiful collection by Estee Lauder includes three full-size lipsticks, Repair Serum and so much more, all in a deluxe travel case. Yep, for make up lovers, Christmas presents don’t come dreamier than this!

This is my most favourite item of this set- I have used this palette creating my Christmas Party eye make up This is my most favourite item of this set- I have used this palette to create my Christmas Party eye make up here These shades are perfect for all skin types These shades are perfect for all skin types

In the kit you’ll find the following beauty must-haves…

• Deluxe Eye Palette with 12 eyeshadows

• 2 Pure Colour Blushes

• Limited Edition All Over Shimmer Compact

• 3 Full-Size Pure Colour Lipsticks

• 2 Pure Colour Glosses

• Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

• Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

• Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

• Revitalising Supreme Creme

• Modern Muse Eau De Parfum

• Red Patent Travel Case

• Red Cosmetic Bag

Something for Bookworms

I’m a believer of buying the types of gifts that is useful for the ones I’m gifting to. Here are two of my Christmas gift ideas for the bookworm in your life. 500 Words You Should Know and Facepaint are two of my favourite reads from recent times. While the former is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates language and being able to express themselves precisely, accurately and effectively, and the later is what I call the Bible of make up artists and enthusiasts.

500 Words You Should Know features words you thought you knew (nemesis, decimate), some you should know (tautology, diatribe) and some that you might like to know (shibboleth, callipygian) plus many, many more. As you know the beautographer knows 8 languages, who else deserves to get this book than him! On the other hand, Facepaint is written by my favourite and most probably the best make up artist in the world- Lisa Eldridge who has written the first real history of the subject. Having read it myself recently, Face Paint is one book I vouch for whether you wear make up or not as the book explores the reasons behind make-up’s use, the actual materials employed and manufactured through the ages, the icons that people emulate, the impact on women’s lives and the present and future of make-up from high profile practitioners artists to cosmetic breakthroughs.

Posh with Perfumes

Perfumes are an obvious, safe and most probably the least creative choice for a present on Christmas. A luxury label perfume is something one can buy at the eleventh hour, and probably even take home ready-wrapped and tied in a satin bow then and there. But when the rule is to pick and choose one under £50, it’s a big deal! Earlier this year, when the beautographer spotted British perfumer Penhaligon’s, we are swoon. It is not deliberately a mainstream choice and bad news is they are not cheap. Second on my list is a tie between Chanel no. 5 and Chanel Chance for her, and Chanel Bleu and Paco Rabanne 1 Million for him but again they are over £50.

For him & her For him & her

Smell British Perfume: Penhaligon’s Malabah and Endymion

Worry not! Some of the best perfume brands under £50 are Nina Ricci Nina, Elizabeth Arden Untold and Anna Sui‘s La Nuit De Boheme for Her, and Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men, Boss Orange and Dior Homme for Him.


I’m a bit of an IT fiend and spend far more time than I’d like to admit on my iphone and macbook. Now we all know that iPhone battery is the only weak feature one spots immediately. Apple user or not, the amount of time people spend on their smartphone these days makes a Smartstick an obvious gift choice for Christmas.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

No bigger than a packet of polos and with five different adaptor tips, this back-up battery will suit most mobile devices. Very affordable and with just the right amount of gimmick, they’re a perfect stocking filler for a gadget enthusiast.

Strictly For Sharing: Bath & Body

Whether freshly scented or simply luxurious, bath and body essentials make lovely gifts for anyone on Christmas, regardless of gender and age. After all who doesn’t deserve a bit pampering! There are lots to choose from fragrant handmade soap to organic body wash, from soothing and detoxifying Epsom salt for bathing to a comfortable bath pillow.

Fragranted soap from TK Maxx Fragranted soap from TK Maxx Organic Foaming Bath from TK Maxx Organic Foaming Bath from TK Maxx Bath Pillow from TK Maxx Bath Pillow from TK Maxx Epsom Bath Salt from TK Maxx Epsom Bath Salt from TK Maxx

Even though I shop around bath & body care products as I like to try different flavours and mixtures from time to time. Some of my go-to brands for bath and body essentials are TK Maxx, Marks & Spencer and Cowshed but since last month when Mandara Spa graciously sent me their entire Amber heaven collection to try, I couldn’t stop admiring their luxurious line of bath and bodycare products inspired by the natural ingredients used in the unique treatments across Mandara Spas around the world. They are easily available at Sainsbury’s and at a price range you can only dream of for the quality product on offer.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

Homemade Food: Gingerbread Cookies

A cost-effective, multi-purpose, delightfully delicious item during Christmas to tick many boxes at once– bonding of baking together, joy of decorating the tree, tea time munching and sharing the love as a gift. Why not try to bond, have joy, feast and share personalised gift (love) this Christmas? I do! Know how to make these here.

Gingerbread Cookies: Homemade Christmas Presents and Tree DecorationsGingerbread Cookies: Homemade Christmas Presents and Tree Decorations

Party Clutch This

Christmas or not, I fancy a Lovetobag partywear arm candy any time of the year, you have seen me donning some of their collection here, here, here and here but since they are expensive (remember it’s a under £50 list), I have picked this silver-grey clutch with sequins embellishment from TK Maxx. This clutch has got Insta-me written all over it with its little two-tone sequin details and diamante clasp. Plus when it comes to party clutch-buying for myself, I’d be sensible and get a clutch that can be styled more than one way.

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50 Last minute Christmas Gift Guide Under £50

I hope you enjoyed my list of last minute holiday gift guide! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? If not, hopefully you’ve seen something in there that took your fancy. There’s only 10 ideas but it was so hard to narrow down the millions of things I’ve seen in the shops and online that I liked the look of. Right, now to make a feast in the kitchen so that I can present a christmas lunch for you all next here, on this space.

Happy last minute shopping and have the best Christmas week!


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